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Again, if you miss class, no worries as it will be recorded. Be active in the Facebook group and ask as many questions as you can. Like any teaching program, the more work you put in, the better your results will be. Most people find all areas of their life improve when they tell their money how to behave. My creativity was being freed up as stress was reduced. Creating a budget has been a great asset to our lives and our relationship. Kim helped both of us realize our savings potential and how to accomplish our financial goals one step at a time.

My only regret is not meeting Kim years ago. She is a game changer! Thank you for your direction and insight. All while avoiding any new debt! I quit my job and started a new business, we totaled our truck and bought a new one, I finished college, AND we had a baby. The next class starts January 26, from p. To sign up, simply fill in the form below and pay through PayPal.

I am your cheerleader, here to help you walk the journey to freedom. Call me for a free minute phone interview so I can hear your story and we can discuss your needs in further detail. I have simplified the process of achieving financial freedom into these 5 easy steps. Save Money Earn more money Invest your savings Repeat? Step 1: How much do you need? You will have to start at the end and work backward when figuring out how much you need?

Step 2: Save money Before you even ask, I probably agree with you that this is next to rocket science on the hardness scale, but after I found out about personal finance automation, the whole process of saving has become easier. I have a whole article on ways to save more money Step 3: Earn More Money I have noticed a very big problem, and this troubles me a lot!

What is financial freedom? and how you can achieve it? | BrokeWallet

This is just to shows you how much very little efforts can do to change your entire life. So how do you make your money earn more money for you? Therefore, I do recommend beginners you can invest in Real estate easy to understand. Government Bonds short-term low return but little to no risk If you talk with your bank manager he will be able to offer you interest if you were to just keep your savings in your bank account for a long period 90, , , and days, 1 year are the most common Depending on which bank you bank with, country, you can get a good low return with minimal risk.

And continuously add more through saving more. I have a whole article on how you can invest your saving to realize such good returns. Step 5: Repeat Finally, all you have to do is to repeat step 2 through to step 5 up until you reach your calculated target from step 1. References Financial freedom is still a new thing to me too, although I am working tirelessly to gain my own freedom.

Here is a list of some of the best books, articles, journals I have consulted and would like to give credit to: How do I achieve financial freedom? An awesome article by Dave Ramsey one of the top popular personal finance expert. Financial Freedom, What does it mean to you? A thought-provoking article from a different perspective.

90 Days on the Road to Financial Freedom

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Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 20, Foad Ansari rated it did not like it. A good book that looks at the compulsions associated with money of which, I have many. The goal of solvency is a feeling of being comfortable with money - not anxious about it, and not careless with it, either. A really simple way to change your relationship with money and the truth about what money can and can't do for you.


I have always had problems with spending money. I would classify myself as a compulsive spender in the past. This book was enlightening and makes even more sense now that I've been diagnosed as Bi-Polar because during manic periods, compulsive behavior, including over-spending, is a real problem for me. Money drunk refers to the high that the money drunk gets while spending. Jul 31, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: financial-resources.

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  6. I wouldn't have thought of myself as an artist or someone with a money addiction, but I liked her week to week approach to both efforts that I was compelled to read more. This book, Money Drunk, Money Sober: 90 Days to Financial Freedom, is less about reaching financial freedom than it is about breaking our money addictions.

    The Maintenance Money Drunk, however, is someone who works to pay bills and yet can never get ahead. Every time they get a new raise, they get a new toy i. The Poverty Addict will cry poor even when they're not or give away money to their church or to others before taking care of themselves. The Cash Co-Dependent is in a symbiotic relationship with someone else. They either depend on someone else to bail them out financially Regardless, none of these individuals ever seem to get ahead financially. Cameron provides a 90 day program broken out over twelve and a half weeks to recover from this financial addiction.

    She treats the program in the same manner as any addiction recovery effort with a substantial amount of self-reflection and discovery. Much of the program seemed overkill for me as I honestly would never categorize myself as a money addict Even though I think about money all the time, I have a clear purpose for money. It's not just money for money's sake. However, I found it to be a very beneficial program for those times, typically right after the holidays, when we're feeling overcome by bills and debts and bills.

    It's like a juice cleanse for your wallet. Would I recommend this book? As obscure a title as it is, I would. Try and find a copy and use it for the next 90 days. Jun 12, Val rated it it was amazing Shelves: health , nonfiction. This is one of the best little books on financial solvency that I have ever read. Not only does it tell one how to solve financial woes, it explores the WHY and HOW people became that way in the first place.

    It links money to addiction. In fact, the authors say money issues may be the underlying addiction to alcoholism, overeating, and many others. Most often it can be linked back to childhood and low self esteem issues. They give anecdotal evidence to back it up. They also describe at length th This is one of the best little books on financial solvency that I have ever read. They also explore the spiritual side of recovery with faith as a major aspect of this. Living a debt free life has become a reality for my family: we want to keep it that way. This is a book and I am sorry to say it has sat on my bookshelf for a decade and a half without being read.

    I wish I had read it years ago.