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The prison is where a year-old Afghan militant and suspected al-Qaeda operative named Gul Rahman froze to death in November after undergoing a brutal torture regimen that included being beaten, doused with cold water, and left half-naked while chained to the floor of his cell. Several of the techniques CIA interrogators used on Rahman were unauthorized; in August , a Department of Justice attorney named John Yoo had written a legal memo sanctioning nearly a dozen torture methods for use on high-value captives.

EU: New measures against radicalisation: research funding, policing the internet, prisons, schools and security measures. The European Commission has published its latest plans on how it aims to help EU Member States combat "radicalisation", focusing on research; policing the internet; radicalisation in prisons; schools and education; various security measures and more. Mediterranean: data shows massive increase in deaths compared to Recent International Organization for Migration statistics paint a grim picture of the ongoing tragedy in the Mediterranean:.

Deaths so far this year are 2,, compared with 1, through the first six months of The text adopted by LIBE will be used as the basis for the Parliament's negotiations with the Council in the secret "trilogue" procedure. This follows earlier revelations that RICU was behind other campaigns supposedly organised and run by civil society organisations.

See: UK government 'running covert counter-extremism propaganda campaign' Middle East Eye, link and: Inside Ricu, the shadowy propaganda unit inspired by the cold war Guardian, link. At the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting on June , EU interior and justice ministers adopted numerous sets of conclusions, a number of which are provided here. The conclusions on financial investigation and the creation of a European Forensic Science Area also include action plans setting out proposed activities for Member States and EU agencies and institutions. Like all Government departments, the Home Office is subject to legislation that requires public bodies to disclose information that is in the public interest.

However, since The Independent submitted a request for information about sexual violence against detainees in the centre in March, the Home Office has refused to disclose this information. Some background on Yarl's Wood and the controversies and scandals associated with the detention centre: Yarl's Wood: migrant detention centre condemned again Statewatch News Online, August UN: Special Rapporteur on freedom of association: "states which claim to be fighting terrorism yet restrict civil society are playing with fire".

A new report from a UN Special Rapporteur examines the effect of fundamentalism - in the form of market, political, religious, cultural and national fundamentalisms - on the rights to freedom of peaceful association and assemly. The report also examines the role of those rights in "the context of rising extremism and radicalisation," arguing that "a major contributing factor" to the growth of extremism worldwide is "the on-going global crackdown on democratic freedoms.

The Special Rapporteur, Maina Kiai, argues that:. The existence of a robust civil society and respect for human rights in general is critical in combatting extremism, and in channelling dissent and frustrations in a legitimate way through the system. UK: Officers accused of framing Cardiff 3 fail in attempt to sue police. A group of police officers have failed in their bid to sue Cardiff police for false imprisonment, malfeasance in public office and malicious prosecution after they were accused of framing the 'Cardiff Three' in a trial that eventually collapsed.

In three men - the Cardiff Three - were imprisoned for the murder of Lynette White but their convictions were quashed on appeal in In the case was reopened: Jeffrey Gafoor confessed to the crime and was subsequently imprisoned. Numerous police officers involved in the original investigation were subsequently arrested and tried on various charges, but the prosecution's case collapsed for a number of reasons - for example, the intentional destruction of evidence by South Wales Police.

Unprecedented levels of information of over One Member State where the security service carries out the initial CT investigations, stressed that the operational risk to share outweighed the operational value for CT: CT information was classified secret and above. Member States that do not share or share few FTF with Interpol have concerns with regard to data protection and human rights what may happen to a terrorist suspects in a third country with a less advanced track record on human rights Article 51 of the Charter states that the institutions and bodies of the Union and the Member States shall respect its rights, observe its principles and promote its application in accordance with their respective powers UK-Germany: Undercover police: German calls to be included into Pitchford Inquiry: The case of Mark Kennedy: Cross-border operations of undercover police officers should be investigated in Germany as well link :.

This secret policing scandal has been discussed at Parliament and Minister level in Iceland and the Republic of Ireland. The Scottish and Northern Irish governments have officially requested the initiation of investigations covering their territories. I call upon the German Federal Government to go beyond merely penning a request and to exert the necessary pressure to ensure the Pitchford Inquiry is extended to other countries.

Backgound: Police Spies Out of Lives have produced two new briefings on issues related to secrecy and openness a the Pitchford Inquiry, which is due to examine the undercover police work in England and Wales since See also: some background on the time when the Met Police were happy to help spread public information about the work of spying on "subversives": BBC True Spies series: police happy to disclose information when it suits them Special Branch Files Project, link. Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe 9.

It will be impossible to effectively guarantee rights in an adequate manner on the high seas. ASGI asks the interior ministry and the Italian government to immediately abandon this course, considering the unlawful aspects listed below, and it invites UNHCR to carefully monitor the situation in order for effective access to the international protection system in Italy to be guaranteed.

They are urging Athens to recognise Turkey as a safe third-country. And see: Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe 9. With a view to support the preparation of the report on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union , it examines the follow-up given to the European Parliament resolution of 8 September on 'The situation of fundamental rights in the European Union '. It considers the conditions that should be established for the establishment of an EU fundamental rights strategy, as well as the recent developments related to the issues of concern and proposals made in the resolution of 8 September See: European Parliament resolution of 8 September on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union pdf.

The Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland has released a report responding to complaints made by the families of those killed and wounded in the Loughinisland murders in June , in which six people died and five were wounded by gunmen from the loyalist Ulster Volunteer Force. The Ombudsman's report concludes that the original police investigation into the attacks "was characterised in too many instances by incompetence, indifference and neglect," and that collusion between Special Branch, the police and the UVF "was a significant feature of the Loughinisland murders.

Garda stations are also to be equipped with an 'Enterprise Content Management System', which will allow CCTV to be shared by officers around the country. UK: Torture fears as Durham policing college trains Saudis how to ID suspects Chronicle Live, link : " Saudi Arabian officers are being taught skills to ID suspects at a Durham college that could lead to the torture and execution of prisoners back in the Middle East country, a human rights charity has said.

The College of Policing, which has centres across the UK including Harperley Hall in Crook, has been teaching staff from the Saudi Arabia interior ministry about high-tech forensics since Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe 8. EU: An EU identity card? A new study for the European Parliament asseses the possibility of setting up an EU-wide identity card and attempts to asses "the role a European ID card might play in enhancing the participation of EU citizens in decision-making processes at the EU level.

EU citizens are granted important rights, commonly referred to as EU citizenship rights. The European Commission has highlighted that the lack of harmonisation of national identity cards national ID cards creates some obstacles for the enjoyment of EU citizenship rights. Against this background the current Study aims to:.

This Study mainly focuses on the exercise of EU political rights in that it assesses the role a European ID card might play in enhancing the participation of EU citizens in decision-making processes at the EU level. See the study: The legal and political context for setting up a European identity document pdf. EU: New proposals on migration: "partnerships" with third countries, Blue Card reform, integration plan.

The European Commission has published a series of new "migration management" proposals that foresee new "partnerships" set up with non-EU states; the reform of the 'Blue Card Directive' on the entry into the EU of highly-skilled workers; and an action plan on "the integration of third-country nationals and their economic and social contribution to the EU. And see: Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe 7.

EU: Operation Sopia: from human smuggling to arms smuggling? Britain circulated a draft resolution to approve the measure to the member council. EU: Crunch time for European net neutrality rules. Following mass mobilisation in India and the USA, the expectations to deliver real net neutrality are high. Sweden: Yet more surveillance or real evidence-based decision-making?

EDRi, link : " In Sweden the government is rapidly advancing an agenda for more online surveillance. Two public investigations have been launched to look into new rules for search warrants and the introduction of new secret means of surveillance, namely remote equipment and software interference. Regardless of whether law enforcement tampers with an electronic system over a network, or while they are in its physical proximity, the end result is that law enforcement gets an operational incentive to be less diligent about fixing security issues that can cause big problems for individuals.

Spying Report Warned of Intelligence Failure The Intercept, link : " A secret report warned that British spies may have put lives at risk because their surveillance systems were sweeping up more data than could be analyzed, leading them to miss clues to possible security threats. Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe 6. See: Draft Investigatory Powers Bill pdf. The "Umbrella Agreement" on the exchange of personal data - its Scope Art 1 : covers:.

Note: the Scope covers all crimes however, minor. The Agreement expressly excludes the security and intelligence agencies. Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial meeting of 2 June pdf. Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial meeting pdf. UK: Auditioning for justice: Unless claimants can justify why they think they have been spied on, secretive surveillance Tribunal refuses to review claims of unlawful spying Privacy International.

The Tribunal has said that people outside the UK have no legal right to find out if British intelligence agencies violated the European Convention on Human Rights by spying on them. The Independent Reviewer has already undertaken a comprehensive and well respected review of investigatory powers, but he has not had an opportunity to assess the operational case for the bulk powers Oversight: In our view, bearing in mind that the adequacy of the oversight arrangements in the Bill will be an important part of the overall assessment of whether the safeguards satisfy the requirements of Article 8 ECHR, it would be highly desirable for there to be a clear functional separation between prior judicial authorisation and ex post inspection and review European Parliament: Migration: improving the management and security of EU borders pdf :.

According to Frontex 13, people had to be rescued in the central Mediterranean over the last week alone.

Republic of Letters Header

The EU is working on different ways to manage migration better. On Monday 30 May Parliament's civil liberties committee approved proposals concerning migration and cooperation with other countries, paving the way for a better management of the EU's borders. Statewatch comment:Why do the European Parliament use the Frontex term "irregular migrants" when they are refugees? Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe 1. Council of Europe: State of democracy, human rights and the rule of law: A security imperatve for Europe link :.

Social rights will remain at the top of our agenda, in particular securing more ratifications of the revised European Social Charter and the Protocol on Collective Complaints. Across Europe, we will support teachers to equip young people with the skills and understanding needed to operate as democratic citizens in diverse societies. The text was endorsed by the college of commissioners during their weekly meeting on Wednesday 1 June , but has not been made public. If they do not, or if they fail to answer the questions raised, the commission can issue recommendations - marking the second of three steps in the rule of law procedure.

MEPs also want the system to be used to check the criminal records of people seeking to work with children. The new directive is a key measure under the European Agenda on Security and an important tool for fighting cross-border crime and terrorism.

Religion and the Radical Right - Oxford Handbooks

Checking people against our existing criminal records databases, and making exchanging that information much easier, will go a long way towards showing that we can find those people who mean us harm, amongst the vast majority who do not", said Parliament's lead MEP on the file Timothy Kirkhope ECR, UK. Significant improvements are needed should the European Commission wish to adopt an adequacy decision, to respect the e ssence of key data protection principles with particular regard to necessity, proportionality and redress mechanisms.

See: Opinion: Full-text pdf. EurActiv Germany spoke with Sven Giegold about the future of transparency in the institutions The official statement that accompanies your draft report says that the EU institutions are more transparent and clean than most at national level. Nevertheless, EU citizens have less trust in the Brussels machine. The procedures indicated in this document should be used as an operational guide for activities organised within Hotspots.

In the event of discrepancies between this document and current legislation, the latter shall apply. Official document on how the "hotspots" in Italy are supposed to function in practice, which agencies and institutions are involved, and what their different roles are.

The EU's Fundamental Rights Agency and the European Ombudsman have both recently released annual reports detailing their work and areas of interest in the course of EU: Action on pre-trial detention? The letter concluded by urging the Commissioner to take a number of steps:.

As a result, a formal inquiry has been launched. The problem: The action points agreed with online companies in secret meetings of the Forum may have a direct negative impact on our freedom of expression. The Commission has approximately 40 Special Advisers, chosen because they can provide particular expertise, as it is needed, directly to a Commissioner. This high-level access, coupled with the fact that many of the advisers have outside interests, heightens the importance of anticipating any possible conflict.

The aim of the inquiry, opened following individual complaints related to Special Advisers, is to ensure that rules are sufficiently robust in order to avoid inappropriate influence on policy-making. An Adviser's mandate and their outside activities should be fully clarified before appointment, while conflict of interest assessments should be updated if the person takes up a new outside activity.

Europol to cooperate with new European intelligence service center digit. It consists of domestic intelligence services from all European member states plus Norway and Switzerland. France and Italy are participating with two different authorities. The proposal for the intelligence centre, which according to a Europol report will start its services on the 1st of July, came up after the Paris attacks from 13th November last year. UK: The Undercover Policing Inquiry: institutional failings and the urgent need for reform Manchester Policy Blogs, link : " Public concern with policing has continued to gather momentum in recent years: instead of questioning whether British police services are fit for purpose, it may now be more pertinent to ask what is to be done about it.

Despite repeated warnings by the Home Secretary about ineffective and inadequate police performance amidst a raft of reforms intended to professionalise and create a new cadre of leaders, public criticism has risen to a crescendo. The signs are that the Pitchford Inquiry will contribute significantly to the growing clamour for reform of a police service that has become toxic. The Home Secretary appears determined not to deviate from her by now well-trodden path as she broadened her call for a more caring and sensitive service in her address to the Police Federation last week.

On their own, Ministerial addresses are unlikely to result in meaningful change and the time is ripe for a broad coalition to demand root and branch reform of the police and a criminal justice system designed for Victorian times. Crispin Blunt said he understood why the British public may think the UK is engaged in a secret war across the region, as more and more reports emerge of covert military operations against IS. Over the past year the UK has been reportedly carrying out covert military operations in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Libya - with the latest report on Thursday by the Times. The newspaper reported that SAS troops were spotted by local Libyan fighters earlier in May blowing up an IS vehicle laden with explosives near the port city of Misrata.

However, research undertaken and commissioned by Remote Control suggests that this is only true if you take a very narrow view of what counts as a UK military operation. Since , information has been slowly surfacing about the extent of ongoing covert UK engagement, including several waves of special force deployment, the presence of undisclosed numbers of military advisers, intelligence gathering operations, potential drone operations, and the recent approval of the use of UK air bases in US air strikes against ISIS.

EU: Wording of whistleblower provisions in Trade Secrets Directive changed at last minute behind closed doors. This confusion at such a late stage in the democratic process clearly shows that specific EU legislation to effectively protect those that disclose public interest information, is desperately needed. European bar and law societies demand protection of professional secrecy, citizens' rights and the rule of law. From the press release: "On 20 May , at its Plenary Session in Lyon, the CCBE published its recommendations on the protection of client confidentiality within the context of surveillance activities.

It is therefore entitled to special protection by the State. The purpose of this paper is therefore to inform legislators and policy makers about the standards that must be upheld in order to ensure that professional secrecy and legal professional privilege are not undermined by surveillance practices undertaken by the state. Press release pdf : English , French and: CCBE Recommendations on the protection of client confidentiality within the context of surveillance activities pdf : English , French.

The recommendations cover: 1. Overarching principle; 2. Need for legislative control; 3.

Michael Minkenberg

Scope of admissible interception; 4. Judical and independent oversight: Nature of oversight - Mandate of the oversight body - Powers of the oversight bodies; 5. Use of intercepted material; 6. Legal remedies and sanctions. Council of Europe: PACE condemns human rights violations during peaceful protests PACE, link : " The PACE Standing Committee, meeting today in Tallinn, expressed its concern at the frequent use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators and at the recent legal restrictions on the right to freedom of assembly in several member States, in particular:.

It is also concerned at the lack of legislation on freedom of assembly in some countries, for example Ukraine. And: Resolution : Urgent need to prevent human rights violations during peaceful protests pdf. Major NGOs and numerous independent voices have criticised the clearance of the Idomeni camp in northern Greece, whilst others have highlighted the consequences of the decision and the Greek government makes plans to clear the Elliniko camp in Athens next.

European Alternatives, link : " The European Grassroots Antiracist Movement, in collaboration with Croatian artists and intellectuals, drafted a call to denounce the presence of Mr Hasanbegovic in the Croatian government as the Minister of Culture. Croatia has been expected to respect and promote the core values of democracy, such as equality and social inclusion, which have been key in guaranteeing stability and peace in Europe.

However, the new Croatian Government is evidently failing its obligations and responsibilities to these very basic values. The Croatian Prime Minister Mr. Zlatko Hasanbegovic to the post of Minister of Culture. Hasanbegovic is a historian well known for his controversial, revisionist views of the recent Croatian history throughout his 20 years of public work. He recently publicly claimed that the defeat of Ustasha in was the greatest national tragedy and has also publicly glorified and advocated rehabilitation of Husein ef. In , Hasanbegovic wrote at least two articles for the monthly which propagated the work and the political ideas of Ante Pavelic and systematically denied the crimes committed by the fascist Independent State of Croatia.

Last year, Hasanbegovic labelled anti-Fascism as an empty phrase. EU: Rethinking security UK: Unlawful imposition of curfews on migrants overturned by courts. However, it is not clear if the Home Office ever did this in practice. Now that the judgment in Gedi has been handed down, it has confirmed there is no legal authority to impose curfews as part of bail conditions.

Last month the Andalucian Association for Human Rights released a report, 'Human Rights at the Southern Border ', which documents and analyses the situation for migrants and refugees at the southern borders of Spain. The organization condemns the increasing number of deaths "resulting from the immoral migration policies than confine people in countries immersed in war and hunger.

EU: MEPs call for virtual currency watchdog to combat money laundering and terrorism press release, pdf : " The EU Commission should set up a taskforce to monitor virtual currencies, like Bitcoin, to prevent their being used to launder money or finance terrorism, said Parliament in a non-binding resolution voted on Thursday. It would also be tasked with recommending any necessary legislation, but the text warns against taking a heavyhanded approach to this new technology which, it says, can offer significant opportunities for the consumer and economic development.

But IT innovations can spread very rapidly and become systemic. UK: POSTnote on "Islamic extremism, radicalisation and deradicalisation, and the policy responses to violent and non-violent extremism". UK: Criminal justice system in serious trouble. The Public Accounts Committee PAC said the system was "bedevilled by long-standing poor performance, including delays and inefficiencies".

The committee's report also warned that cutbacks were affecting the ability of courts to deliver justice. The Ministry of Justice said it would "reflect on the recommendations". Full report of the Public Accounts Committee: Efficiency in the criminal justice system pdf. Based on an analysis of the practice in 12 Member States and European case law, it identifies a number of shortcomings in the current legislative framework. Looking ahead to the recast of Brussels IIa, the study sets out recommendations to remedy some of the weaknesses, such as clarifying the respective tasks of the Member States involved in cross-border placement cases and facilitating the recognition and enforcement of cross-border placement orders.

Denmark: creating a hostile environment IRR News, link : "Nearly people face criminal charges for aiding refugees in Denmark in September , and the government continues to create a hostile environment by cracking down on migration.

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The motive: a black fabric shoulder bag bearing the face of a cat and the abbreviation A. B, along with the words "All Cats Are Beautiful". The police's report stated that the abbreviation signifies "All Cops Are Bastards". This Directive prohibits discrimination on grounds of racial or ethnic origin in education. The Commission has a number of concerns in relation to both Hungarian legislation and administrative practices which lead to the result that Roma children are disproportionately over-represented in special schools for mentally disabled children and also subject to a considerable degree of segregated education in mainstream schools.

The aim of the Commission's action is to ensure for Roma children an equal access to education which is a determining factor for employment opportunities and thus an indispensable component of working towards full Roma inclusion. The Commission has sent letters of formal notice to two other Member States, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, in relation to similar issues in the recent past. If Hungary fails to reply in a satisfactory manner within two months, the Commission may send to the Hungarian authorities a reasoned opinion. Phil Scraton and his work for the Hillsborough campaign offers a powerful example, write Margaret Malloch and Bill Munro.

There has been a justifiable amount of attention on the recent outcome of the inquests into the 96 men, women and children who lost their lives as a direct result of events at Hillsborough Football Ground on 15 April The protesters, accused of wilful obstruction of the highway after attempting to block entrance into the annual arms fair, believed they were preventing the sale of weapons that would abuse human rights in countries such as Yemen and Bahrain. District Judge Hamilton has now rejected the CPS' appeal to have the acquittals overturned on the basis their argument was "frivolous" and "misconceived".

He added: "The CPS application repeatedly significantly misrepresents the contents of the judgement delivered at the end of the case and therefore seeks to challenge the decisions reached on wholly erroneous bases. Many delegations were positive towards the idea, whereas a number of delegations requested additional information and more details on a number of issues, such as the legal basis for such a joint threat assessment, methodology and which personal data would be exchanged. Others underlined the importance of avoiding duplication.

However, our job is not yet complete. Only then will we be able to ensure that the EU upholds its promise of effective data protection for the digital age. Detecting foreign fighters: the reinvigoration of the Schengen Information System in the wake of terrorist attacks eumigrationlawblog. However, the nature of these measures fosters and deepens the intertwining of criminality with mobility and blurs the distinction between a citizen and a foreigner since immigration-type measures are increasingly favored to regulate their movement. In the past, such efforts found resistance e.

The conduct of systematic checks at the external borders for everyone may be only the first in an array of measures and perhaps signifies a shift from securitisation of migration to securitisation of mobility and the end of citizenship as we know it. Austria elects Green candidate as president in narrow defeat for far right Guardian, link :. A leftwing, independent candidate has narrowly prevented Austria from becoming the first EU country to elect a far-right head of state after a knife-edge contest ended with his opponent conceding defeat.

EU and Poland in last minute talks on rule of law euobserver, link :. The two are expected to discuss possible solutions to the legal crisis that erupted last year in Poland. The court judged the steps to be unconstitutional, but the government hasn't recognised that ruling. UK: Metropolitan Police try to escape liability for shooting and death of Cherry Groce despite admitting "irreparable harm".

Mrs Groce was shot and seriously injured in front of her young children during the raid, and she died 26 years later in as a result of those injuries. In the wake of the inquest, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner offered a personal apology for those failures. He said:. Notwithstanding that apology, the Commissioner is now seeking to avoid liability for the admitted irreparable damage caused to this family. The multi-faith alliance of 26 organisations and prominent individuals includes Liberty, Index on Censorship, the National Union of Students, Runnymede Trust and the Muslim Council of Britain, along with individuals including Peter Fahy, ex-chief constable of Greater Manchester and a former policing lead for the Prevent programme.

See the statement: Counter-Extremism Bill: Leading civil liberties campaigners raise concerns with proposals Big Brother Watch, link : " We are a cross section of British society who believe in the necessity of keeping our nation safe and secure. To defeat the scourge of terrorism we need a strategy underpinned by a soaring confidence in our values and the society we seek to build together. As such, we are gravely concerned that the proposed Counter-Extremism and Safeguarding Bill will feed the very commodity that the terrorists thrive on: fear.

"True Freedom" and the Dutch Tradition of Republicanism

We must instead put forward proposals that show those who seek to undermine us that we value our freedom more than they cherish fear. Terrorism in all its forms is already prohibited by the criminal law, as is speech that incites violence or promotes hatred. This Bill would provide the Government with the power to exclude those they disagree with from many parts of the public space.

These proposals will serve to alienate communities and undermine free speech, but there is scant evidence that they will tackle the terrorism we all want to confront.

A report on the "state of play" of the European Counter Terrorism Centre, which started work in January this year. Global Detention Project, link : " Abtract: Although prison inspection in the United Kingdom has a long history, inspection of immigration detention was properly established only in The paper places the discussion in the broader context of prison reform and debates on migration and border controls. The author argues that in liberal-democratic societies there are two broad approaches to promoting human rights reforms and challenging abuses: working from the inside to achieve progress with the risk that principles may be compromised and good intentions confounded; or promoting change from the outside, which is more uncompromising but less influential, at least in the short-term.

This is a dilemma that confronts human rights based inspection of immigration detention in the UK. The main focus of HMIP is on improving the treatment of detainees and conditions in detention, not challenging the system of detention, even if immigration detention policy arguably lacks legitimacy in a way that criminal imprisonment does not.

The European Union: Ongoing Challenges and Future Prospects

French airports to test EU passenger data system The Straits Times, link : " A European Union-wide passenger data sharing system aimed at helping in the detection of militants will be tested at two of France's busiest airports this month, a senior interior ministry official said yesterday. He said the system should be fully operational by the end of the year, although EU countries were given two years to turn the measure into national law.

The idea was to "gradually link all the airlines" operating in France, the official said. African Civil Society condemns the hunt for migrants on the continent pdf :. The current situation in Libya is a sad illustration with anti-immigration brigade heavily armed, with the support of the European Union, which tracks day and night the sub-Saharan migrant workers cram in detention centers instead of effectively combating traffickers and Libyan smugglers The lure of European financial aid to fight against migration transforms the African political authorities in real persecutors of their brothers and sisters who are looking for work to live and feed their families.

This could recall the time of slavery abolished there only two centuries. The European Union, at the expense of its humanist values, and shamelessly, in African countries outsources its security migration policy. Only a true African integration could prevent our countries to always be the instrument of European policy and will prevent brave young hope of tomorrow's Africa, being killed in other countries on the continent seeking win their daily bread.

See Background Note pdf. Among the "non-legislative" items to be adopted without discussion are: the EU-USA data protection "Umbrella Agreement" on the exchange of personal data - the Scope Art 1 : covers:. The former Deputy Prime Minister has said the time is right to investigate the violent clash between police and miners in South Yorkshire that led to the arrests of 93 pickets.

The more people are peeling back the events and the personalities involved, the more I think we will have to revisit the events surrounding Orgreave. These put EU values and solidarity to the test. Facing such challenges, it is vital to uphold the EU's common values of democracy, fundamental rights and the rule of law. Tony Bunyan, Statewatch Director, comments: " In regard to the refugee crisis EU values were certainly put to the test and blatantly failed.

As to upholding "fundamental rights and the rule of law" they were thrown out of the window by the EU-Turkey "dodgy deal. This is democracy denied. We call upon the Government to amend its process from Prime Ministerial announcement of a list of names decided in concert with party leaders, to free, fair and open election of the Commons element of a delegation by the whole House of Commons. If the House agrees to the principle of the change we propose, the Procedure Committee could consider how this reform should be implemented.

We ask that the Government reconsider its response to our Report and produce a further response. The global digital connected society can only develop in and between states that accept this fundamental principle. Pregnant women in detention centres kept hidden by the Home Office Politics. For years they keep no central data on it at all. You can imagine why. Their guidelines state that pregnant women should only be held in exceptional circumstances. But if we can't find out how many pregnant women are in detention, or what happens to them, it's impossible to work out whether they're sticking to it.

Adopting a report on administrative detention by Lord Richard Balfe United Kingdom, EC , the committee calls on all member states to refrain from using administrative detention as a migration management tool; for placing political opponents, human rights activists or journalists in administrative detention with a view to coercing them into confessing a criminal offence; or to prevent people from taking part in a given protest. He also stresses that greater protection needs to be provided in the Bill for legal professional privilege and for communications of politicians and journalists.

In addition, the Commissioner highlights the need for oversight bodies and systems to be periodically evaluated to assess whether or not they possess the necessary attributes to be effective. As time has gone on, The Intercept has sought out new ways to get documents from the archive into the hands of the public, consistent with the public interest as originally conceived. Today, The Intercept is announcing two innovations in how we report on and publish these materials. Both measures are designed to ensure that reporting on the archive continues in as expeditious and informative a manner as possible, in accordance with the agreements we entered into with our source about how these materials would be disclosed, a framework that he, and we, have publicly described on numerous occasions.

Unions have planned two days of protest and called strikes in the air transport, road freight, rail and oil sectors. And see: French government to bypass parliament to introduce controversial labour law. European Commission letter to Greek asylum authorities: all is well in Turkey. A letter from the European Commission to the Greek authorities setting out why Turkey should be considered a safe third country has been condemned by a Greek human rights group as an attempt "to establish standardized reasoning for systematically denying the asylum claims of Syrian and non-Syrian nationals as inadmissible in Greece.

UK: Parliamentary committee: safety in prisons continues "to deteriorate significantly". A new report from the House of Commons Justice Committee examines "the Government's response to the ongoing and rapid deterioration in prison safety in England and Wales which began in " and concludes that "overall levels of safety in prisons have not stabilised as the Ministry [of Justice] hoped, let alone improved and continue to deteriorate significantly.

Third is the allegation that both South Yorkshire police operations were followed by a concerted falsification of evidence, and a cover-up. See: Orgreave inquiry calls grow after damning Hillsborough verdict for police The Guardian, link. In those words, a great deal is bound up.

Cutting access to justice Extending internal border enforcement Criminalising irregular migration Drone warfare: the cost of progress openDemocracy, link : " What is clear is the determination of the United States and its coalition partners to avoid committing large ground forces to the war.

The deep failures in Afghanistan and Iraq inflicted harsh lessons which have been learned, at least in respect of the need to avoid deploying tens of thousands of "boots on the ground". There may by contrast be plenty of special forces, airstrikes and armed drones; these represent the changing nature of the wars now being fought by the west. Nowhere is this more clear than with the proliferation of armed drones, which are still seen as weapons of choice in Washington, Paris, London and Tel Aviv. A new report from the UK House of Lords' European Union Committee has commended the EU's "anti-smuggling" military operation in the Mediterranean for its efforts at search and rescue, but notes that it is ultimately unable to meet its aims of deterring migrants, disrupting smugglers' networks and thwart smugglers' business models as it deals with "symptoms, not causes".

EU to enhance terrorism "threat assessments" as Counter Terrorist Group moves towards "real time information exchange". The present case concerns an extradition request issued by the Russian Federation to the Republic of Latvia in relation to an Estonian national who had been arrested on the territory of the Republic of Latvia. In essence, the Court is asked to rule on whether the protection against extradition which Latvian nationals enjoy under national law and under a bilateral agreement with the Russian Federation must, under the rules of the FEU Treaty on citizenship of the Union, be extended to nationals of other Member States.

A number of Member States, including the Republic of Latvia, recognised, in their national law and also in the international conventions to which they are parties, the principle that they refuse to extradite their nationals. When an extradition request is addressed to a Member State and that request concerns a citizen of the Union who is not a national of the requested Member State, such a principle establishes a difference in treatment between the nationals of that State and the nationals of the other Member States. I am of the view, however, that such a difference in treatment does not constitute discrimination on the ground of nationality contrary to the first paragraph of Article 18 TFEU, provided that it is shown that those two categories of nationals are not in a comparable situation in the light of the objective of combating the impunity of persons suspected of having committed an offence in a third State.

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union are coming closer to an agreement on the text of a Directive that sets out provisions on access to legal aid for persons subject to a European Arrest Warrant. A document produced by the Dutch Presidency on 4 May provides an overview of discussions that took place in a secret "trilogue" meeting on 3 May, at which the topics of discussions were articles 5 European Arrest Warrant , 6 timely and diligent procedures , 7 quality of legal aid services and training and 8 remdies of the proposed Directive and the forthcoming European Parliament impact assessment.

The text points out that EU legislation to protect victims of trafficking is not being properly enforced. Louise Hunt, the senior coroner for Birmingham and Solihull, told a hearing on Thursday that the new material had been sent to her office on 27 April from an undisclosed source. Hunt said it related to an allegation that the security services had advance notice. Number of people arriving on Greek islands dropped dramatically in April. The drop is a result of several factors, including The EU-Turkey agreement and stricter border policies applied by the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia at its border with Greece.

Syrians again accounted for the largest share of the migrants coming to the Greek islands, trailed by nationals from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Press release: Advocate General: IP addresses are personal data. The EU's top lawyer today answered a question that seems to be as old as the Internet.

In his opinion, IP addresses are personal data and may be collected only where allowed by data protection law. Draft Council conclusions call on Member States to "reduce administrative burdens" that hinder expulsion of third-country nationals. EU Member States will be "invited" to ease the expulsion of expelling "illegally staying third-country nationals" by reducing "administrative burdens" - such as "the suspensive effect of return and asylum decisions" and "multiple and last minute asylum applications and appeals" - if a set of draft conclusions being prepared for the Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting on 20 May remain in their current form.

Schengen: Greece and Slovenia unhappy with continuation of internal border controls. The Council of the EU has today 12 May adopted a decision that permits the continuation of the internal border controls adopted by Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Greece and Slovenia have submitted statements disagreeing with the decision. EU: European Parliament adopts new rules on Europol and migration of students, researchers and interns.

The specific objective was to further explore possibilities for developing the role of EU Delegations in facilitating and supporting coordination between Member States in their role of providing consular protection to citizens of the Union in third countries as agreed in the Council Conclusions on the EEAS review of 17 December In each country a MS assumed the role of Chef de File and developed a project plan on the basis of a common template Annex.

The EEAS acted as secretariat of the group and supported the harmonised approach. The Commission and the Council Secretariat attended the discussions. The projects ran from January to December After that, the CCI Core team continued to convene under the Netherlands presidency to compile all data, draw up the relevant conclusions and recommendations and prepare for recommended follow up.

This report first presents the overall conclusions and recommendations emanating from the detailed evaluation per country. The country evaluations are added to the report, as well as the joint EU Crisis Preparedness Framework that was drawn up as part of the Consular Cooperation Initiatives, a copy of the common template for the project plans and the global statistics on consular assistance to non-represented EU-citizens compiled by EEAS.

UK: Exclusive: UK Government and Police Are Getting Information From 'Shadowy' Terrorism Database Vice News, link : " A "shadowy" private database that has wrongly linked individuals to terrorist activity is being widely used by British police, intelligence, and the charity regulator, a VICE News investigation has found, amid growing anger among British and European parliamentarians about its effect on people's lives. The confidential World-Check database profiles individuals and organizations under various categories, using open-source information to uncover their "hidden risk" for government agencies and banks.

An adverse profile on the database, which is used by 49 of the 50 top global banks, has been linked to account closures and blacklisting.

The Commission has not yet responded. EU: Facial recognition to accompany fingerprints in transnational databases. Now the system is also to store facial images and facial recognition capabilities are to be added. There are two different search options. However, it is also possible to search for a face in the entire database 1:n. The inquests, which lasted over two years, were both the longest inquests and the longest jury case in legal history.

Responding to 14 questions relating to the causes of the disaster and a further questionnaire for each of the deceased, the jury delivered trenchant and carefully reasoned answers setting out the failures of South Yorkshire Police SYP , Sheffield Wednesday FC and the architects Eastwoods, which caused the disaster, and the blunders by the police and ambulance service, which meant that the emergency response failed to save many of those who died. Belgium faces a growing crisis in its prisons, with the army called in to help and inmates stuck in their cells 24 hours a day as the government struggles to end a strike by prison staff.

At the end of the visit, the delegation presented its preliminary observations to Koen Geens, Minister of Justice, and senior officials of the Ministry of Justice, and held consultations on the measures taken by the Belgian authorities to establish a guaranteed minimum service, with a view to preventing inhuman and degrading treatment of inmates. Information on the CPT's visit to Belgium: Council of Europe anti-torture Committee publishes report on Belgium link ; full report French only, pdf and government response pdf, also in French.

These would allow the agency to set up specialised units more easily so that it can respond faster to emerging threats.

They would also set clear rules for centres, such as the European Counter Terrorism Centre that started on 1 January In some cases Europol would also be allowed to exchange information with private companies. For example, Europol would be able to ask Facebook to remove pages run by Islamic State.

These new powers would be accompanied by strong data protection safeguards and democratic oversight rules. Negotiators from the Parliament and the Council reached a deal on this on 26 November , which was endorsed by Parliament's civil liberties committee on 30 November. However, before the agreement can enter into force, it will still need to be formally approved by Parliament. MEPs debate the deal on Wednesday 11 May from 9.

Ban stressed in his report to the UN General Assembly, entitled In safety and dignity: addressing large movements of refugees and migrants. Any approach should uphold the safety and dignity in large movements of both refugees and migrants, Mr. Ban said, urging Member States to, among other things, address the root causes of such movements, protect people en route and at borders, and prevent discrimination and promote inclusion. Full report: Report of the Secretary-General: In safety and dignity: addressing large movements of refugees and migrants pdf. Most MEPs criticised the Commission for proposing a visa waiver for Turkish nationals even though the country has not yet fulfilled all the criteria.

Turkey should not be discriminated, but neither should it receive preferential treatment, they agreed. French government to bypass parliament to introduce controversial labour law. The decision follows weeks of sometimes violent protests against the proposed reform, which among other changes seeks to make hiring and firing easier for companies.

A leaked document produced by the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the EU proposes various ways to deal with a possible summer increase in people crossing the Mediterranean towards Italy. UK: Drones: parliamentary report takes aim at controversial targeted killing policy. The Government states that the UK military action taken against Reyaad Khan on 21 August was armed conflict, as part of the same armed conflict in which the UK was already involved in Syria, and the Committee accepts this.

The strong Parliament voted for the bill with in favor, against. Ruling leftist SYRIZA Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras pointed to the hard work that his government has done in order to ensure the viability of the social security system and also made reference to social justice, pointing out that tax restructuring had been taken with vulnerable groups in mind when sharing out the burden of reforms.

But suddenly, in late April, they announced a startling accord. The companies have withdrawn all regulatory complaints against one another, globally. Rather than fighting their battles in public courts and commissions, they have agreed to privately negotiate. Microsoft has been late to this game, but it has now waded in. Viewed in this way, its agreement with Google is predictable and rational. Democratic oversight is a threat. The Government might want some credit for being transparent and publishing the document with tracked changes so we can see how it has changed since the Bill was published in early March.

But more so than transparency, it indicates their brazen approach to consultation. Because the Bill has barely changed: a spelling and grammar tidy up e. Protests against immigration detention centres. See: Hundreds take part in protest calling for end of immigration detention centres ITV, link : " Campaigners from across our region have joined simultaneous protests around the world - against the use of detention centres for immigrants.

Thousands are thought to have staged demonstrations - including outside Morton Hall in Lincolnshire today. The Conservative government's proposal to replace the Human Rights Act with a 'British Bill of Rights' has been heavily criticised by the House of Lords European Union Committee in a report that says there is "a forceful case for the Government to think again before continuing with this policy.

With 39 percent of the vote, they had still slipped almost five percentage points from the previous election. Under Heinz-Christian H. The situation has left politicians, journalists, and commentators at home and abroad puzzled: how could it come to this? Since the beginning of summer, the issue has dominated public discourse like no other, and the far right has been quick to exploit it. It is also an exercise in avoiding blame. Little wonder then that Strache already publicly pictures himself as the next Austrian head of government, or Bundeskanzler.

His party is the driving force in Austrian politics, setting the political agenda, dominating media coverage, and spinning its stories through the tabloid press and social media. Its success today is based on the adoption of new strategies suited for the peculiarities of contemporary European capitalism.

So while we are quite clearly not back in the s, are we perhaps witnessing a gruesome nineties revival, with the far right on the cusp of returning to government office? Yes and no. But this is not just tragedy returning as farce. The rise of the far right today is taking place under vastly different circumstances, domestically and globally, which makes the situation potentially more dangerous than at the turn of the millennium. Within a decade, he had installed a new generation of loyal party cadre, introduced a new style of right-wing politics in Austria, transformed its social base and political profile, and led it to unforeseeable success.

Possessing charisma and dynamism, he represented a new start for many party members — without having to openly break with their ideological principles. Similar to developments elsewhere, masses of Austrian workers and members of the middle classes were confronted with the grim fact that the promises of the so-called postwar economic miracle — growing affluence and lasting economic prosperity for future generations — were no longer credible.

However, this is only one side of the story. But it also wrested , from the Conservatives, the traditional representatives of the Austrian bourgeoisie and rural populations in the Alpine regions. It increasingly enjoyed the support of significant sections of Austrian capital, including corporations dependent on the world market, but opposed on national sovereignty grounds the European economic integration that would benefit these capitalists. What held the competing interests together was a textbook populist strategy. Mostly concentrated in poor urban areas, competing for jobs in low or unskilled industries and services, and often deprived of basic political rights because of restrictive citizenship laws, guest workers became the perfect scapegoat.

This included pension reforms that effectively opened up the market for retirement funds for international banks and insurance companies; the introduction of fees for universities and hospitals; and the liberalization and privatization of energy, telecommunications, housing, and banking sectors. This enabled them to return to the recipe that led them to victory before.

In an environment in which support for European crisis management has been almost unequivocal among the Austrian political establishment, this has put them in a comfortable position to reestablish their populism. This electoral strategy has paid off in recent elections. While Haider surrounds himself with a coterie of young male careerists, Strache relies on a band of steadfast ideologues and organizers. When the party entered government in , it was met with fierce protests both at home and abroad.

For more than two years, protesters against the right-wing government held demonstrations in Vienna every week. A decade later, that consensus has evaporated; the cordon sanitaire around the far right, if there ever was one, is gone both on the European and the domestic scale. From onwards, the party decidedly shifted its racist propaganda.