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The Greeks remembered her, giving her the Greek name Semiramis. The Greek historian Ctesias says that she was the daughter of a fish-goddess, raised by doves, who married the king of Assyria and gave birth to a son called Ninyas. When her husband died, Semiramis treacherously claimed his throne. Another Greek historian, Diodorus, tells us Semiramis convinced her husband to give her power just for five days, to see how well she could manage it. When he agreed, she had him executed and seized the crown for good These legends concerning Semiramis and her marriage to Ninyas also known as Ninus inspired still more tales of the queen's reign.

According to the story, Ninyas had a son by an earlier marriage named Trebeta. Semiramis hated her stepson and saw him as a threat. After Ninus' death, she either exiled him or he, fearing for his life, left Assyria with a band of followers and eventually founded the city of Trier, which would become one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire.

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This theory is contested, however, and there are those historians who claim Sammu-Ramat had nothing to do with the later figure of Semiramis and even those who claim that Sammu-Ramat never ruled as regent. Von Soden is not alone in this opinion but other historians, such as Bauer, are just as adamant in their claims that Sammu-Ramat not only reigned over the Assyrian Empire but was the inspiration for the myths and legends surrounding Semiramis. Even though The Two Babylons is clearly anti-Catholic propaganda and has no claim to biblical or historical accuracy, it is still cited by certain protestant Christian works as an authority on the subject, and the book therefore contributes to the controversy surrounding Semiramis.

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The historical inaccuracies in the work are too numerous to mention. Even so, the book continues to exert a powerful influence over certain readers and their understanding of ancient history in general and Semiramis specifically.

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Whether Sammu-Ramat was the model for Semiramis continues to be argued by modern historians, who often cite the same ancient inscriptions for their conflicting arguments, and it does not seem to be a debate that will be settled anytime soon. Based simply on the evidence of Sammu-Ramat being able to erect her own stele at the prestigious city of Ashur, however, it would appear she was a very impressive and very powerful Assyrian queen who was known to later generations as Semiramis. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication.

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We publish the digital edition of Timeless Travels , the unique magazine for lovers of history, culture, and travel. Mark published on 18 August Women were not admitted to positions of authority in the Assyrian Empire; Semiramis must have had enough power to take and hold it. Remove Ads Advertisement.

About the Author Joshua J. Mark has lived in Greece and Germany and traveled through Egypt. He has taught history, writing, literature, and philosophy at the college level. Related Content Filters: All. Semiramis is the semi-divine Warrior-Queen of Assyria, whose reign Flemish tapestry of Queen Semiramis and her servants, c. Nebuchadnezzar Ordering the Construction of the Hanging Gardens Help us write more We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers. Edinburgh University Press 01 March Oeuvres Completes De Voltaire Le Fanatisme, Ou Mahomet Le Ulan Press 20 September Cleopatra, Queen Ones went batshit crazy and ended hanging himself, leaving Semiramis free to marry the king.

Queen and general

After Ninus was killed by an arrow, Semiramis became queen and ruled alone for 42 years. She expanded her empire from Egypt to India, where she was repelled after having been wounded.

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Other legends consider her the inventor of the chastity belt and the first woman to castrate men. They generally regarded her as basically a spoiled whore brat who, scorned after the Armenian king Ara refused to marry her, marched to battle against Armenia just to kill him in battle. She then tried to raise Ara from the dead as a zombie by praying to the gods , and of course she failed.

So she disguises one of her lovers as said king telling she was successful, so the war would end.

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She appears in the Divine Comedy in the second circle of Hell , reserved for the lustful. Dante writes:. In all likelihood, the origin of Semiramis' legend is the Asyrian queen Shammuramat , [3] who governed the Assyrian empire as regent from to BCE. The myths came later as it was a novelty to have a large empire ruled by a woman who waged successful wars against those who started them Greeks and Indo-Iranians [4] — she, of course, was not the daughter of a goddess , nor did she carry her conquests as far as her mythical equivalent. Alexander Hislop , a 19 th century Scottish minister, claimed in his book The Two Babylons [5] that Semiramis was a real ancient Mesopotamian person who invented both polytheism and goddess veneration [note 1] and was the queen consort of Nimrod , the one who supposedly built the biblical Tower of Babel.

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Long history short, according to him she ordered that her own fine person should be venerated as the Queen of Heaven, and that her child was the nature male deity Tammuz. All mother-child deity or divine pairings of history down to the Mary -child Jesus are just the Semiramis-Tammuz duo refurbished, so by this logic Catholicism is just paganism in disguise. Jump to: navigation , search.

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She is Semiramis, of whom we read That she succeeded Ninus, and was his spouse; She held the land which now the Sultan rules. I am the queen Semiramis. Bullshit is a gateway for more bullshit, it seems. Britannica Online Encyclopedia. Retrieved Can a 'History of Israel' Be Written?