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He tries to figure out what is missing by violating another — a child. This was tolerated and covered up in the church for far too long. Clericalism ruled.

Catholic Priest acts like a CLOWN / Preacher gives FINAL WARNING - Ash Wednesday LENT

Secrets abounded. Files were concealed. Grand juries were never a part of the lexicon. But victims never forget.

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This week, Pope Francis is gathering church leaders at the Vatican for an unprecedented global summit on clergy sexual abuse. People are leaving the pews in droves. No longer will the faithful embrace a hierarchical church if those appointed to lead us fail to hold themselves and their fellow cardinals and bishops to account.

Abusers, regardless of their rank, must be removed from all ministerial activity. The pope should encourage healing and offer forgiveness — however contrarian this sounds — but he cannot exonerate his brother priests who committed and covered up this sin. The defrocking last week of Theodore McCarrick , the former cardinal and archbishop of Washington who was found guilty by the church of sexual abuse, sent a hopeful message before the summit.

His removal was so right. More must follow. My own abuser died a long time ago. On the day he would have turned , I knelt at his grave. I asked why.

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I told him he was wrong. But I had to forgive him to start feeling free. Finally, in March , Metropolitan Nikita arrived in Lahore: I, my wife and other Pakistanis were accepted into Orthodoxy through chrismation. Then the lord advised me to continue my journey to the Holy Cross, and I accepted his advice, because I really wanted to be a God-fearing and faithful Christian.

Catholic Priests

I was incredibly happy. My ordination was also postponed, but finally, in Greece in November Being a priest in Pakistan is very difficult. We are forced to be very attentive to what we say. Around so much prejudice and injustice, you can be caught at the word, blamed for it, put in jail and even be killed. During the period when I was a priest of the Catholic Church, the most painful issue for me was the positioning of the priest as a boss, master and teacher of life for the people of God, who is already here in Pakistan — in a minority position.

Called out of the priesthood?

I realized that the priest is the shepherd. Where there is no bridge, it should become such a bridge that the herd could cross the river. He must be the voice of the unrequited. I try to be like an open book for my faithful, because I really love them. They know if I have something in my pocket or not, it makes us close people. Despite the fact that pain and sadness are part of my life, they make my priesthood even more meaningful. You can find more information about Fr John and support his apostolic missionary work at OrthodoxPakistan. Click here to see all the presentations.

Thank you for sharing the story of your journey to Orthodoxy. I am a convert to Christ from Hinduism and have been Orthodox since There were packed lines for confessions, with all of the curates on duty.

Not Prepared to Donate?

On Sundays, Holy Mass was offered in the upper church, the lower church and in the school basement. With two schools, with well over children in it, one staffed by a convent of habited sisters who had close to 30 in it and, for the young men, habited religious brothers. Students attending religious education numbered around and the parish was not only the center of the educational, liturgical and spiritual life of the neighborhood, but also the social life.

People identified themselves not by on what street they lived, but by what parish they attended. By the time I was growing up, things were slightly different, but it still was a larger, co-educational grade school, with a few religious sisters and brothers teaching in it, and a rectory which housed a pastor and three full-time priests. Today, the parish is one priest, the pastor alone, and the grade school, staffed by no religious at all, is a Catholic academy combined with a neighboring parish.

Fr. Vineeth George left a secular career to serve God and the Church.

It is obvious that priests today are overburdened by the weight of parochial administration, not to mention the real fact that they suffer from a general lack of worldly esteem due to the grievous sins of some clerics, among whom were even eminent cardinals and bishops. I am told by some of my brother priests in the United States that they do not feel very comfortable any longer traveling in, and for a vocal few, even being off the parish property in clerical garb or religious habit due to the looks that they receive from some people.

And yet, I contend that there is no better time to be a Catholic priest. Priests are more necessary than ever for the sanctifying of the world. What is necessary today for the priest is a radical reconfiguration to the Person to whom they were configured at their ordination — Jesus Christ, the Lord, the one, true, high priest. The only problem is, what does it mean to be a priest? It is not enough to help others in their apostolates.

That is not what a priest does and it certainly is not what a priest is. A priest is still the Alter Christus , the one who is sacramentally configured to Christ, to teach and to sanctify the People of God. This is not a triumphal vision of priesthood. Any priest who is self-aware and who has at least an ounce of humility recognizes that he is not worthy of this calling. He knows that he is a sinner, today more than ever. No man is entering seminary today for self-aggrandizement. Today, he is entering a vocation that is seen by many as unnatural and just plain wrong.

One of the basic messages of the program that I attended at Creighton a few summers ago, the Institute for Priestly Formation, is this idea of coming to a greater priestly identity. The priest must reorder his entire being, his entire worldview, around the idea of relationship with God, then identity in Christ, and then his mission.

Many problems — particularly burn-out, resentment of his mission, and an over-functionality — occur when the priest gets the order confused. For myself at times and dare I say for many of my brother priests , I have reversed the order, placing mission first, getting the job done, at the expense of relationship and identity.

The relationship for the priest that has to be primary is with God. In the midst of a busy schedule, with all of its demands, I can understand how many of my brother priests could scoff at the concept of being an active contemplative.