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Boats On Land.

Boats on Land: A Collection of Short Stories - Janice Pariat - Google книги

Posted: January 3, Anne John. Anne John plays with words for a living and would probably do the same even Learn More. Share your thoughts!

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What Is Stridhan? Any Problems? Picture it………………………….. The frozen sheets and lines for all the world resembling Christmas lights hanging in a floating village, the calm, magical air that lingers eerily just a few feet above the black icy mirror of water, creeping around the hulls like a transparent blanket. Anyway, we re-fuelled at Kip around mid-morning and left to catch the tide. It was ok in the marina, and we had dutifully checked the weather forecast before setting off.

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Visibility was perfect, we could see out in to the Clyde from the exit, but things soon changed as we motored out, the fog appeared from no-where and crept around Orla like cold grey fingers, More. The Marina here provides a free ferry service back and forth, to from the island to Oban on the mainland. We were itching to go look for the wild bits, the peaceful and beautiful bits, the places Orla was meant to take us all along.

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Many sailors love the Clyde for its cruising grounds but we always intended to sail the wildest areas we could find and it was time to go exploring. Before setting off on our travels however, we spent a great weekend with our friends Cols, Warren and Jess who had sailed over from Larne in N. Ireland to have a coffee with us in Kerrera!! We had met them in Kip marina walking Jess their boat dog, a very large and very soft Rottweiler, huge brown eyes and impeccable manners. She dances on the pontoons like a spring lamb and More.

The more I observe boats, the more I am convinced they take on the qualities of their owners……..

Boats on Land

I have noticed that in the early morning atmosphere of marinas, boats awaken to greet the day much like the crew they hold in their midst still all tucked up and still dreaming. Sleepy people slowly and gently open their hatches and doors and allow their little ship to yawn with them and stretch themselves awake to greet the day. They appear a while later sitting contemplating the new day with a quiet cup of coffee More.