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Zeke and Harper go to "Zombie Prom" together. As of Season 3, Zeke has been featured in episodes more often. In "Alex Saves Mason", he came close to finding out the Russo's secret, after witnessing Mason transform from a wolf to an in-between stage of human and wolf. In season 4, Zeke eventually finds out the Russo's are wizards. Zeke has shown interest in Harper, but the two have gone on a date at Alex's Zombie Prom. Zeke accepted when Harper asked him immediately, and appeared to enjoy himself with her, often complimenting her.

In "Alex Russo, Matchmaker?

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He said that he's always wanted to talk to Harper, and they both have a crush on each other. In Wizards Unleashed, they have their first kiss. It also stated in season 4 "Zeke Finds Out" he found out that the Russo's are wizards and fainted, but he was very excited about his best friend being a wizard. Again addiction is not defined by overdose properties but rather by the addictive brain of an individual like my boy. I am physically dependent on opiods and benzos. I would have physical withdrawal if I stopped taking them. Your son probably had a psychological dependence on weed but weed does NOT cause physical dependence.

As to automobile accidents due to use of weed, you may be correct. The death numbers I was quoting was deaths caused directly by the substance. Liver failure mainly for alcohol and cancer mainly from tobacco but it also causes death due to heart problems. Nobody has died as a direct result of smoking weed. You should also note that I said weed was not harmful to people over 25 because until age 25, the brain is still developing and can be harmed by excessive use of weed.

Certain people do have a predisposition to addiction but it doesn't mean they will become addicted. People can develop psychological addictions to almost anything but not physical addictions. Death caused by impairment is death brother. Doesn't matter if you were in a car wreck or overdosed.

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Weed does and has caused physical dependence. Be glad to put you in touch with some really smart drug addiction researchers who could convince you.

Journey with Zeke: Gift or Curse

I once thought my son was making bad choices. Spend some time looking at the science of addiction. Once I did I was convinced that my sons brain chemically changed. My personal experience with my sons pot use is the best evidence of his addiction. His doctors and addiction counselors would strongly disagree with your assessment of his condition as a psychological dependence. Perhaps you can smoke weed and stop when you want. He cannot without intervention. Psychological dependence has its foundation in the organic chemistry of the brain.

It is the genesis of addiction.

The limbic portion of the brain takes over and controls the frontal lobe where our ability to assess risk and make decisions is located. This area of the brain is still developing in males until age To disconnect the two ignores the reality of addiction as an organic process. Hospitals are in business to make money too. Doesn't mean they are wrong or solely making decisions on profit motives. Thanks for your well wishes.

Exequiel (Zeke) Hernandez

It has been an experience I would not wish on anyone-- my son or Zeke Pike. It is devasting to families too. I wasn't bashing War Eagle I once held some of his beliefs. I do not blindly trust. I am deliberate especially when it comes to my sons health. Thankfully he is doing well but it is a day to day process. We will just have to agree to disagree on this topic. As to automobile accident deaths, texting while driving causes a lot of deaths each year but that doesn't mean people are addicted to texting.

People also die from accidents caused by weather conditions, tire failures etc. People who drive under the influence of weed actually drive slower and more cautiously than they do when not under the influence. Also, as I stated, age has a lot to do with it. I personally have never used MJ because it has been illegal to do so everywhere I have lived.

I am 56 and have been living in FL since The medical marijuana amendment passed this time in FL and as soon as it is available, I will try it to see if it will help with my chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia. I can only respond with my experiences and things I have learned.

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As a personal injury lawyer of more than 30 years I can unequivocally state you are wrong about pot impairment and its effect on motor vehicle use. Have handled hundreds of cases where people were killed or injured because of decreased ability to drive due to pot impairment. Some may drive slower but they have reduced abilities to function normally on highways. Many times going slower is a more dangerous reaction. As to the texting comment -- I know plenty of people who I am convinced are addicted to cell phone use including texting. No different than gambling. I agree that texting is a serious danger during motor vehicle use.

NTHSA just completed a 5 year study and have concluded that texting and driving is times more dangerous than driving under an alcohol or drug impairment. AULost 39 months. Dec 27, VIP. Dec 27, via Mobile. Dec 27, VIP via Mobile. Sorry, I was wrong in my previous post when I said you seemed like an intelligent guy. Old Dragoon 92 months. RagingBull05 months. Tigerbegood 45 64 months.

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AUBearsFan months. War Eagle 82 66 months. Mitch25 months. They are also in business. I hope your son beats whatever battles he is fighting. Keep all those , including my son, affected by addiction disease in your prayers. We need it!! But we can agree to disagree -- he'll that's my business So was I down voted because of my comments or the fact that I am a lawyer? You have no favorite boards.