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Money always seems to be the root of the evil. What Fr. Paul wrote about Jesus' temptations and how theses temptations could be applied to our every day situations really reached me. I have known for along time it really only matters what God wants for me, what he sees me doing and were he wants me to be in my life.

I feel so much closer, to God and I would like to continue on my honeymoon with God and be closer to him and becoming more and more like Jesus here on this earth now. Celebrating the love that God has for me and the world, knowing this love is there for all of us.

As Fr. Paul said God wants pour everything into our relationship and we do the same and commingle until we are one with Divine. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity of reading this wonderful book I truly feel I am growing closer to God. But is it really a good thing when I am in a lifeboat and I let go of my loved ones to save a lot of children who are closet to me? Is everyone really my family? This is a difficult example for me. In a living relationship with God I turn off the switch of choosing to help, my ability to respond is total?

Can I do that? I probably do not choose to turn off anything, there is no choosing anymore because I feel connected to anyone. You just do what the situation asks form you. Live in the moment. Today the bicycle of my son was stolen, he was very sad. I tried to be there for him, not to calculate the loss or condemn anyone. Limited to my five senses I put God into parameter too, and concluded that if he is present then he literally stands inside something or someone. Manifestation defines also as expression and sign, ergo the divine imprint on all that is.

Notwithstanding the individuality of our concepts of God, somehow I overlooked that he would work his Biblical writers too at their respective levels of personality and perception. I embrace the Yahwistic God although in childhood I abandoned him at the altar after Mass and then went about my daily business.

I held paradox that he set us here at birth and told us to behave, yet watched from a cloud every move we made, which moves were possibly preplanned. I am sure I heard a divine chuckle when I figured that one out. Enlightenment eventually came to this soul too long wandering the land of the lost, that when Jesus said we can do nothing by our self, he meant just that. After I read our second section, the story of the two sisters and their report cards struck a sharp cord in me.

I acutely identify with the sister who turned in the good grades, great grades, and received no hug, only the expectation of working hard and being known as "bright. I recall my childhood and ponder why. I identify with this discontented girl and I see some personal images. I had never thought so truthfully about the pattern of my internal behavior. What I see is not joyful. Has God called my name, my very own name? Sure, He has and the time He called and l answered the path was so clear, the task so joyful, the new friendship so healing, so enlightening, so simple for me. How does this happen to an almost 50 year old woman?

Father Rohr's childhood God was a monstor. Mine must have been a taskmaster. The God of my nearly 50's is Love, perfect, intelligent, accepting, kind, also demanding but only that I shine brightly for Him. I pray I will walk with this God a little more frequently. Last week I wrote about how my well had turned into a dark cave harboring a vengeful God so I was surprised and a bit relieved that Father Coutinho had a much worse image of God when he was a child.

Like the Indians we Filipinos were also forcefully converted to Christianity hundreds of years ago when the Spanish conquistadores came to our shores with a Bible in one hand and a sword in the other. Our religious education, at least during my time in school, was very rigid. Think fire and brimstone and you get the picture. My father was also an army officer and I grew up in an army camp. He was a strict disclipinarian but unlike the father of Father Coutinho's friend my father was not abusive. He didn't earn much but we never felt deprived, and we more or less knew that he loved us dearly.

It's now clear why my God was the God of Deuteronomy. About this time last year I was facing a crossroads in my career, a crisis that threatened my ability to support my family. In desperation I called out to Him and He answered in the most wonderful way. I felt a sense of profound peace and calmness I've never felt before.

I felt that whatever happened, He would not abandon me and my family. And He didn't. The crisis was over in a month. That experience left me wanting more. So I went about it the way I was taught, by praying, hearing Mass regularly, surfing through devotional websites, even signing up for a Bible study correspondence course. But it wasn't the same. Ken, another reader, got it right when he said it was like punching a spiritual time clock.

I don't need the time clock. I need the Timekeeper, the Boss. This book made me realize that I too am a child of God. In spite of everything that is wrong with me I am still His child. I am entitled to His gifts just as much as anyone else. His gifts won't stop me from sinning because I am not perfect like Him. But that does not really matter because I am still His. Like someone once said, His grace won't make me sinless, but they will make me sin less. These are heady thoughts that have been going through my mind over and over the past few days.

I've always been His child but it was me, with my cloudy well, my image of him as a petty and vengeful God, and my internal arrow of rigid and unbending religious dogma that kept Him at arm's length. I pray that this book continues to remove the blinders over my eyes so that my God will get bigger and bigger in my sight. I used to regret being named Emmanuel because I know that name means "God is with us". Now I pray that like the grandmother in the first chapter of the book, I can start living my life so that others may see even just a little bit of Him in me.

Compassion … being so present to life that life chooses you, you do not choose life. We must learn to become aware of the life that is around us and see ourselves as part of it all, and then, to realize that God is there, too. In reading Fr. How thankful I was when he said that they were all good.

As humans, we need images to form our relationships. It becomes a gift when we share these images and discover all the many ways God relates to his people. It helps us to see how big our God is. But the idea of God working to help us see ourselves as He sees us is wonderfully humbling and encouraging to me. Along with our images of God we need to develop an image of ourselves to build this relationship. To be compassionate is to experience God everywhere. God has revealed to me that to experience God and all of the glorious things that He has planned for me I must be present to life.

I must live in the moment at hand and resist living in the past or dreaming and worrying about the future. To live life to the fullest taking in both the joys and the sorrows while covered by His compassionate protection and His loving grace. I relate this to the time that I got mono-vision contacts and I was having a lot of trouble getting used to them because the left one was for close-up and the right one was for distance. I kept trying to figure out which one to look out of to see to read or drive. I was totally frustrated and I called the ophthalmologist and spoke to his nurse. I told her that I kept closing one eye trying to tell which eye was supposed to see what.

She immediately told me to stop because I was confusing my brain. It is quite a discipline to try and narrow down the focus of what touches me, but I will give it my best effort. I loved the beginning of this section where Fr. Coutinho speaks about the difference between charity and compassion. Compassion costs so much more, and demands so much more from the heart for it means you must lose a part of yourself in the pain of another.

And when you let someone in to that degree, there is a cost, and a deep blessing for both. I was very touched by the images of how we relate to God presented in the next few chapters. Although I could see my manner of relating to God in every one at different points in my own life, I knew that I spent my childhood in the pathway of the Law and have spent most of my adult life in relationship with the God of Brokenness. I am so aware of the broken parts of myself, and am in a ministry that works with those whose physical hearts are broken.

Often, there is such underlying emotional pain, and I find myself drawn to address that too, both in them and in myself. When Fr. Coutinho spoke of that last moment of the Spiritual Exercises, I was transported back to the final moments of my 30 Day Retreat, when I had a depth of prayer deeper than any I had ever experienced.

It also made a connection for me with the Exercises that I have never made before. More miraculously, when I looked in the mirror and saw God. It was exquisite. I am struck by the realization that we are that water, a few drops added into the cup of wine. And in that moment, it is no longer possible to tell the two apart. The water is consumed into the wine. I realize now why I am so drawn to that moment — it is the moment when I realize that what Fr.

Sweet, miraculous mystery of union with a God who mingles with the likes of us! Last week, God gave me the grace of freedom.

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He called me to be free of what other people might think of me, to be free of my judgments of myself and others, and to be free of my worries for my family. I am judgmental of other people, and I realized through the readings that my judging others is mostly a reflection of how I am judging myself. My father was a very forgiving man when it came to most things but not so forgiving when it came to others. These worries have stopped me from doing a few things, including going on spiritual retreats.

Free Relationship Healing/ Just chant with me and see the improvement.

It is good that I love my children, would like to be considered a good mother, and want to be important to my children, but it is not so good when these desires keep me from answering a call from God. My husband who is reading along with me and receiving infinite graces as well! The thing in this week's reading chapters that especially touched me was in chapter 16 - Disposable Images of God. Coutinho asks what God we were introduced to as children.

I wasn't raised in a religion but picked up an image of God as angry, mean, and impossible to please, and I thought of myself as bad. That made sense because life was going so wrong, I thought God was punishing me - my parents divorced when I was three, I had had two stepfathers by the time I was seven, one abusive and the other distant. I was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease after college, and my marriage of one year dissolved. Coutinho then asks how and when that early image of God changed for us.

For me, it changed when I met a Jesuit and read of a God in his homilies who was so good as to be almost unrecognizable. On the basis of that, I took the Creighton University online retreat. During the retreat, I got to know Jesus and had an experience of God as having a serious stake in my happiness, unbelievable as that seemed. The image thing is still a work in progress for me. What wonderful chapters we read this time! I was very affected by Chapter I like the idea of my words and feelings and behaviors changing for the positive. I realized that I have been thinking negatively in some areas.

So I started the 2 minutes a day changing a thought. I find now that when a situation arises I stop and try to do the 2 minutes of changing a thought and get myself away from the negativity. It is a learning tool and a challenge to do. I know I want to change a thought and be a changed person! Energy work can empty pockets on multiple levels at once. Energy goes wherever it is needed to empty out pockets of memory, emotions, thoughts, experiences, you didn't even know were still there.

The longer we wear certain energies, the harder it can be to let go of them as we get used to the feel of our energy. We hide our True Selves behind our filled coats of many pockets. Until life teaches us, that is, and we realize that walking around with such heavy coats is harder than releasing and shedding the stored energies, and finally, finally we release and let go and move into new ways of being, revealing more of our True Selves.

Another way to release said energies beyond energy work is through ceremony and ritual, which are rich in metaphors—the language of the soul and the unconscious. The Solstice and the New Year are optimal times for such letting go and releasing the old so the new ways might emerge. Where does it feel heavy? What pockets need emptying? What is ready to be released?

Writing these thoughts and feelings out and burning the paper in a fire ceremony or ritual can help. You also might try burying your writing like a seed that is buried and then transmuted into new life.

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You could also write symbols and words on feathers and let them go in the wind. Using any of these four elements: fire, water, earth, air can be transformative. I encourage you in this New Year to focus on shifting your energy to the extent that feels right for you at this time. The more of us that shift, the more everyone and the Planet can move into new ways of being that more closely align with our Highest and Best. Happy New Year! Happy All-Is-Holy Eve! Where the Mythical and Mystical Meet.

Mythical creatures are also celebrated during this thin time in movies and in Halloween costumes. But what most people have assumed—that mythical creatures are invented creatures of the imagination for fiction and religious stories, I have come to know is not true. Sometimes I see them as simply representative metaphors of physical or energetic realities, but more often than not they represent their own realities. My observation is that these mythical creatures usually represent a bridge between realms or dimensions or levels of consciousness—whatever you want to call it.

For example, fairies are depicted and in fact look like winged small humans: half-insect, half-human. Thus, they are a bridge between insect consciousness and human consciousness. They live among the flowers and greenery just like insects do. When I have connected with the Salish Sea the Puget Sound to do healing work, a mermaid always shows up: half-fish, half-human—the bridge between the water worlds and the human worlds.

Gnomes seem to be part burrowing creature, part human. And just like in this picture, I have see them scavenging for mushrooms. Are dragons a middle realm between the building blocks of life elements in DNA and humans? Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks so. The more we shift into higher levels of consciousness and get more in touch with Oneness consciousness, we will all experience more of these intermediary beings. What mythical creatures fascinate you? Do a meditation with these beings and see what they have to offer and teach you. Of course, this overlooks the obvious fact that the rugged individualist is still completely dependent on Nature.

Beyond that, though, we see this show up in the spiritualities of our dominant culture. The somewhat subversive principle is to share freely from our overflow rather than from a motivation to get a good price either from selling or buying. Find out more here. For me, this has helped underscore that abundance is not just a quality of individualized divinity but a quality of collectivized divinity. I also recently joined spiritual community as an employee only. It will be interesting to observe how a community that acknowledges their divine nature as a starting point realizes that in community.

Will it be just a collection of divine-realized individuals or will it be a divine-realized community? Does that make a difference? If so, how? I know from years of experience, that group healing is more than the sum of its individual parts and is vastly stronger than one-on-one healing. I participated in a group healing with Dr. I wrote about that here. Knowing how powerful collective intent is, I started a group for healing our country.

Dozens of people collectively sends meditations, prayers, and energy healing at the same time every week. A century ago a Baptist minister named Dr. Russell Conwell became very famous because of one lecture, called Acres of Diamonds, which he gave all over the United States.

Conwell made somewhere between eight million and twelve million dollars as he traveled about, over a fifty-year period, giving that one lecture—the proceeds of which he used to found Temple University in Philadelphia. As you study his famous prosperity lecture, you discover that he was trying to break down the listener's sense of guilt about becoming prosperous: "I say you ought to be rich. You have no right to be poor. To live and not be rich is a misfortune, and it is doubly a misfortune because you could have been rich just as well as being poor.

As the Bible promises, "All things are yours. In the beginning, God created a lavish universe, and then created spiritual man and placed him in this world of abundance, giving him dominion over it. You are only trying to open your mind to receive your heritage of abundance bequeathed you from the beginning. You can begin opening your mind to this abundance by declaring often, "I am the rich child of a loving Father, so I dare to prosper!

When people asked, "How's business? No matter what people about him were doing or saying, he prospered. His friends would say: "I don't understand it. Everything he touches turns to gold. Recent reports from people who opened their minds to prosperity include these: A businesswoman doubled her financial income and then happily married a man of affluence, after having been widowed for ten years. A housewife accepted this great idea, and soon learned that her husband had just inherited a large portion of the company for which he worked.

Another housewife watched her husband progress from one promotion to another in his engineering job. They inherited money, bought a new home and 10 A young college professor obtained another degree and went on to a fine job at a much larger income at a state university. A domestic worker demonstrated a six-week trip to Europe. A teacher was transferred out of an inharmonious department in her school, to a far more congenial teaching position. One couple was able to buy a beautiful new home with no down payment. The former owner gave them his eight thousand dollar equity!

One couple's two children both obtained college scholarships. A woman in the real-estate business got her broker's license and went into business for herself; another realtor made her first sale in a year! Upon returning home from a prosperity lecture in Oklahoma City, a businesswoman answered her ringing telephone. It was a customer with a forty dollar sale, at p. The next morning she was awakened by another ringing telephone— and another sale. This was quite a change from the "hard sell" approach to which she was accustomed.

A businessman walked out of a prosperity lecture, and on the way to his car found a twenty-dollar bill. Later that week, a raise he had been trying for months to obtain for his employees came through. After opening her mind to prosperity, a young widow was able to reduce her debts by one thousand, seven hundred dollars within three days. You can open your mind to prosperity when you realize it pays to do so, right in the face of lack and limitation.

I started writing prosperity articles a decade ago, when I was living in one room. I felt foolish writing about prosperity, telling 11 But I realized that I must do something to open my mind to prosperity in order to get out of that room. It took me three years, but when I finally moved out, I found a lovely new home. The move could have come sooner, had I known the complete prosperity formula given in this book. Opening your mind to prosperity in the face of lack can have dramatic effects on your life, too.

This was brought to my attention by those around me while I was writing my first book. After typing the first half of the manuscript, my secretary resigned. She explained that as she had typed the manuscript she had used the ideas in it, and her husband had been prospered so much in his sales work that she no longer needed the job! A second secretary was then employed to type the last half of the book. Before completing it, she also resigned.

She explained that her husband had been out of work when she took the job, but that he now had the finest engineering job of his life—one which would take him to another state. She felt that the ideas in the book had turned the tide. Finally, my housekeeper resigned. She had not seen the manuscript, but I had explained the laws of prosperity to her while writing about them, chapter by chapter. As she opened her mind to prosperity, she decided to do something she had long wished to do but had never quite had the courage—become a dressmaker.

She has prospered in that field of work ever since. It was startling to lose two secretaries and a housekeeper while writing one book—just because they dared to open their minds. You can open your mind to prosperity when you realize the true definition of the word: You are prosperous to the degree that 12 Prosperity includes pence of mind: A businessman recently wrote, "The study of prosperity certainly does bring peace of mind.

Since I took up this study, my wife has stopped griping at me, and my mother-in-law has started leaving me alone. Immediately after the class, he got the finest job of his life. Later he wrote: "I had a nice surprise from my study. I took it up because I needed a job, which I quickly got.

But at the time I employed prosperous thinking, my wife and I were estranged. We have now been reconciled and are happier than ever. Prosperity certainly includes peace and harmony. This woman had been in pain for twelve years from a chronic ailment which drugs could temporarily alleviate but could not cure. When the drugs wore off, the pain returned. On the way home from the lecture that night, she realized that for the first time in twelve years she was free of pain without using drugs.

That was eight years ago. The pain has never returned. This couple has gone on to financial success also, but their main prosperity demonstration was a physical healing. Prosperity includes financial plenty: People sometimes reflect, "Since prosperity includes peace and health, prosperity is more than money alone. True, but what's wrong with prosperity as money?

An important way to open your mind to prosperity is deliberately to open your mind to the idea that money is spiritual, that money is a part of your spiritual heritage. There Are Millionaires in the Bible! It helps in opening your mind to prosperity when you realize that the great spiritual leaders of the Bible were prosperous people—many of them were literally millionaires. They seemed to know that prosperity was a spiritual blessing and poverty was a curse. In the first book of the Bible, we find four millionaires among the great Hebrew leaders: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

The Bible vividly describes their wealth.

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We have often thought of Abraham as the father of the Hebrew people, which he was, but he was also a millionaire. The Scriptures declare that his substance was very great, and that the Lord "blessed him in all things. But as I studied carefully the passages describing his wealth, one verse stood out: "Abraham was very rich in cattle, in silver, and in gold. Somehow there never seemed a proper time for me to explain to him that those wells of Isaac's were mere water wells, which were even more priceless than oil wells in that arid part of the world.

The Bible is a Prosperity Textbook You can open your mind to prosperity when you realize that the Bible is the greatest prosperity textbook ever written, and begin studying it from that standpoint. The Bible is filled with stories about bread and fish. This is marvelous prosperity symbolism: The bread symbolizes the substance of the universe, which we mold and shape with our thoughts and words of prosperity.

The fish symbolize ideas of increase. The word "gold" appears more than four hundred times in the Bible. There are between three thousand and four thousand promises in the Bible, many of them literal prosperity promises. Jesus' interest in prosperity is shown in the Lord's Prayer: "Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. When Jesus said of the rich young ruler, "How hard it will be for those who trust in riches to enter the kingdom," it was because He knew that this rich man was possessed by his possessions rather than controlling them.

A spiritual consciousness of prosperity gives you control over your possessions, rather than allowing your possessions to control you. Prosperity, a Necessity for Your Growth You can open your mind to prosperity when you realize that prosperity is a necessity for your spiritual growth, because prosperity gives you freedom to unfold spiritually. Recently I sat next to a doctor of chiropractic at a banquet where we were both guest speakers.

This man told me how much the mental and spiritual approaches to prosperity had meant to him over the years. He described how he had gone from being a struggling young doctor who had nothing, to being a happy, affluent one who now has his own clinic, a large practice, a nice home, a fine family, cars, investments, property—even a private plane.

He said this: "I am a far better doctor, a far better husband and parent, a far better citizen today because I am prosperous. I now have time to study Truth, to unfold spiritually in a way I never had before. Everybody ought to be prosperous, because prosperity gives them freedom. Prosperity is a necessity for spiritual growth. As long as you relate to the Source, you will be prosperous. It is when you turn from God as the Source and depend upon people and conditions for your prosperity that you have financial problems.

People and conditions are channels of your supply, to be sure, but God is the Source. Knowing this, you do not panic if the channel changes, but know to look to 16 God as the Source for guidance and supply: "I do not depend upon persons or conditions for my prosperity.

God is the source of my prosperity and provides His own channels of supply for me now. You may think that something stands between you and your heart's desire, and so live with that desire unfulfilled, but it is not true. Deny it, and you will find yourself free. Then you will see the good flowing to you, and you will see clearly that nothing can stand between you and your own. That which is for my highest good now comes to me, and in my clear perception of truth I welcome it!

No one can oppose my good. I now accomplish great things with ease. The prospering truth now sets me free. My financial income, cannot be limited. Christ in me now frees me from all limitation. I am rich in mind and manifestation now. I face the future wise, free, and unafraid. It was when they turned from God and began to look to people and conditions for supply, during the time of Solomon, that the Hebrew nation divided financially and politically and went into exile.

This Attitude is Practical Perhaps you are wondering, "But just how practical is this idea of looking to God as the Source of my supply? This is a practical idea, that God is the Source of your prosperity and that your prosperity has a spiritual basis. When you open 18 You may be thinking: "Yes, but I know people who are not religious but are exceedingly prosperous.

They do not recognize God as the Source of their supply. What about their peace of mind and health of body? If people around the world knew the cleansing steps to prosperity and used them, they would revolutionize their lives for good. The mystics had a three-point formula for success: 1. Purification, or cleansing. Illumination, or getting guidance on how to be prospered. Union with God and His good. These three steps to success are covered in this and the following chapters. The Bible is filled with cleansing symbolism: sacrifice, renunciation, repentance.

Even the "wailing wall" in Jerusalem is symbolic of the letting go of negative emotions that is necessary before prosperity can come. The ancient Greeks observed rites of purification, and so must we! Life is a constant purification process. If you try to bypass this cleansing process in your thoughts and feelings, you bypass your good, because you have not cleaned out your mind and emotions to receive the good you want. Evelyn Underbill has explained, in her book The Mount of Purification: "The cleansing process forms a large part of our 20 It is our own fault if we do not get purified in this life.

Substance gold dust, mind power does not flow easily into a cluttered, crowded situation. Substance does not flow easily into a cluttered, crowded mind. Substance does not flow easily into a cluttered, crowded, hate-filled emotional state. You must begin to form a vacuum, in both outer and inner ways.

Magnetic influences are transmitted perfectly through a vacuum. By forming a vacuum, you become magnetic to your good! I have seen it happen hundreds of times. Get rid of what you do not want in an outer way. Clean up, clean out the closets, desk drawers, house, car, office. Forming a vacuum in an outer way makes a believer out of your subconscious mind, which then goes to work in inner ways to manifest greater prosperity for you.

There has to be a release of the old to make way for the new. You can unblock your good by forming a vacuum. A woman in Chicago heard about this vacuum law at a lecture one night, and decided to stay home from work the next day and clean out closets and drawers. Nothing happened when she cleaned out closets, but when she cleaned out dresser drawers she found thirty dollars she had tucked away and forgotten. Another woman formed a vacuum by cleaning out her pocketbooks.

In one, she found forty dollars she had forgotten. A housewife formed a vacuum by getting rid of old, mismatched sheets in her linen closet. The next day, she received as a gift 21 But nothing happened until a vacuum had been formed to receive them. A marvelous statement to use as you form a vacuum is: "I now let go wornout things, wornout conditions, and wornout relationships. Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world. Within twenty-four hours, three things happened: Since he was a public-school music teacher, he needed a summer job.

As he cleaned out his closet, he got an idea for conducting music workshops in the summer sessions of colleges and universities. He made a telephone call to his New York agent, who liked the idea so much that within a matter of hours the agent had him booked at leading universities all over the United States, at an interesting income. The second thing that happened was that another music teacher called him and said: "I'm getting more calls for free-lance evening and weekend work than I can handle.

May I refer my overflow calls to you? The next morning after cleaning out his closet, he started driving to work on one of the famous California freeways. Along the way he spied a stalled car. Ordinarily he would have hurried on, 22 The owner of the stalled car was a woman wearing a white uniform. Upon examining her car, he said: "I believe the engine is only over heated. I'll wait with you a few minutes and, if it doesn't start, I'll drive you to the nearest service station where you can get help. If you'll come and work for my wife, you're hired.

Later he exclaimed excitedly, "If all this happened just by cleaning out the closet, I can hardly wait to see what will happen when I clean out the garage! I once had two lovely velvet suits which I hesitated to give up because they carried expensive labels. But every time I looked at them hanging there, I realized that they no longer fit me and were useless to me. Finally I decided to give them up, even though they were expensive. Within less than a week, I received a letter from my sister saying: "I have a lovely velvet suit which I bought while abroad.

It is by far the most expensive garment I've ever owned, but I do not wear it. I am mailing it to you in the hope that you can use it in your lecture work. It arrived just in time to accompany me on my next trip, and its color even matched the auditorium in which I spoke. Furthermore, it was even more expensive than the suits I had just given away.

That experience taught me that by giving up the expensive, one makes way for something even more beautiful to come, without financial stress. Ernest Wilson wrote the explanation for this: "All of our loosing is not simply the loosing of so-called evil. We must loose forms of the good as well. Good is seldom static. It is progressive. It evolves. It changes. We must allow it to be so. We must loose accustomed forms of good, when our progress or that of someone else involved demands it.

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We must not be afraid to trust that law that brought the good to bring another that shall fulfill it. We must be willing to let angels go, that archangels may come into our life. Loose your good, hold it gently, free it readily. Have you ever bought something on impulse, only to realize later that you did not need it? If so, instead of condemning yourself for having shopped impulsively, return it or otherwise dispose of it. As you release it, you make way for the equivalent good to find its way to you. I recently bought a dinner dress on impulse, only to realize later that it was not right for me.

Soon after passing it on to someone who delighted in it, my "personal shopper" called to say that she had just received in stock several dinner dresses that seemed exactly right for me. Upon inspecting them, I found one that easily took the place of the one I had released and was far more suitable. A businessman recently said to me: "It also pays to get rid of that which doesn't work.

I had long been haunted by a certain health problem which didn't clear up. One day I decided to form a vacuum by throwing out my medicine. I have not had an attack since. As you do so, affirm divine order. God does not violate the orderly arrangement of events. Instead, He seems to withhold the next development until order is first established in the present situation, in the present state of mind. A college professor's car was hit by a car driven by one of his students. The latter's insurance company did not properly respond to the claim.

For two months this case dragged on, until the professor realized he had not affirmed divine order. When he got quiet and did so, he called again for another appointment with the insurance adjuster. This time the papers were ready for his signature, and a check was forthcoming. Emerson spoke of "sublime order" rather than divine order.

He wrote of man throwing himself "joyfully into the sublime order. A good affirmation for this is: "I am in divine order. I am in sublime order now. If you can get your own thoughts and feelings orderly, the people, situations, and even the universe about you will respond in a more orderly way.

Two women were driving in a heavy rainstorm, when one of them remembered to affirm divine order. Quickly the fog lifted, the rain stopped, and they drove into clear weather. Declare often, "The inflow and outflow of everything in my life is established in divine order. I am peaceful and poised. For many years I had made lists of what I wanted to manifest in my life. But one nagging problem did not clear up, and 1 could not understand why. Finally I read a little booklet which suggested that you write out what you want to eliminate from your life first, and then list what you want to manifest.

This, said the booklet, was the way to alter your life. I tried this suggestion and it worked. In fact, it was amazing how quickly that nagging problem disappeared from my life, after I had battled with it for years, when I dared to write down that I 26 The function of elimination is twofold: to eliminate error, and to expand your good.

Elimination of something from your life is always an indication that something better is on the way! After writing about what you want eliminated, it is good to declare: "I let go and trust. As long as you put off this elimination process, you put off results. Every phase of life requires renunciation. Every advance means the rejection of something old. But elimination not only takes something from you, it gives something to you!

A businessman in Detroit said skeptically: "How does my subconscious mind know what to eliminate? It may eliminate the wrong thing. But the superconscious, or Christ Mind, does know what to eliminate and will work through both the conscious and subconscious activities of mind to properly eliminate from your world that which should be eliminated, when you call on the Christ consciousness to do so. This you can do through using decrees that declare the all- intelligent Christ Mind is doing the eliminating: "Christ in me is my releasing power.

Christ in me is my freeing power. Christ in me now frees me from all resentment or attachment toward or from people, places, or things of the past or present. I now release everything and everybody of the past or 27 Christ in me manifests my true place with the true people and the true prosperity now. Shortly I was offered a lovely apartment, in a complex where I had long wished to live. With the move came the release of old furniture and personal effects, from which I had wanted freedom.

The new surroundings gave me a new lease on life. Though I had not realized I needed the change and could have it just then, the Christ Mind had known it and arranged it when I used the foregoing statements of release. Divine Intelligence always knows what to do, and responds when we call on it.

Clean Out Your Life Along with cleaning out the closets, you must also clean out your life, if you wish to cleanse your mind for prosperity. If you want to be prospered, be healed, and have your prayers answered, you must clean up and clean out your life. It is useless to affirm benefits, protection, supply, guidance, and healing, if all the time you are doing things which you know are not right in the sight of God. So often, when one first learns of the power of thought, he thinks he can use mind power to force other people to do what he wants them to do.

He tries to plaster over his life with affirmations. He may even get temporary results, but those results will only be temporary unless they have been founded upon the right basis.

Confessions of a Modern Mystic

A lonely widow had led a life of emotional and moral compromise since the death of her husband, feeling that she had to settle for such an arrangement. Finally she realized that if she wished to remarry, she must clean up and clean out her life. It took at least six months to clear out various compromising relationships, but after she did there was a quiet period of trusting in God to show her the way. Within a year she happily married a fine man, whom she would not have met had she continued in her previous circle of acquaintances. It is true that God as law withholds the next development until order is first established in the present situation.

This woman proved that elimination is twofold, and that when she eliminated error from her life, the expanded good came. For freedom in your relationships declare: "Christ in me now frees me from everything and everybody that are no longer part of the divine plan for my life. Everything and everybody that are no longer a part of the divine plan for my life now release me. Christ in me reveals, unfolds, and manifests the divine plan of my life now! Many people are never permanently prospered, no matter what else they do, because they are holding grudges and negative feelings toward others.

Until they get down to business and forgive, their prosperity does not come. The word forgive means simply "to give up. Instead, forgiveness is a pleasant inner act that leaves you at peace with yourself and others. It is good to give yourself a universal forgiveness treatment every day. This keeps your mind and emotions cleared of negative feelings that could block your good: "All that has offended me, I forgive.

Within and without, I forgive. Things past, things present, things future I forgive. I forgive positively everyone. I am free, and all others are free, too. All things are cleared up between us, now and forever. Even when her doctor finally approved her to return to work, her employer refused to place her. She and her husband had several children who would soon need to go to college. They also needed a larger home and a second car. This woman felt it imperative that she teach again.

When she learned of the prospering power of forgiveness, she realized that much ill feeling existed between her and her employer, and that forgiveness might be blocking her good.

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With a friend, she sat one afternoon and spoke words of forgiveness to her employer: "Christ in you is your forgiving power. Christ in you is your releasing power. Christ in me in my forgiving power. Christ in me is my releasing power. Christ in me is my prospering power now. The man who replaced him gladly employed her for substitute teaching again. When you hold resentment toward someone or something, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.

The practice of forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and be free. A businessman was delayed at the airport by bad weather reports. It was imperative that he make certain plane connections for an important business conference. Realizing that resentment blocks one's good, and that on the way to the airport he had been thinking resentfully of a competitor, he sat quietly in the waiting room and mentally said to his competitor: "There is no competition in Christ, and there is no competition between us.

The forgiving love of Jesus Christ forgives and releases any ill feeling between us, now and forever. We both go free to prosper. It was as though his thoughts of resentment toward his competitor had literally held him at the airport until he forgave the other man. Since the word forgive simply means to "give up," often the greatest way you can forgive others is simply to give up all ill thoughts about them, as well as all outer contact with them.

Forgiveness is a constant process. Whenever there is a block to my good, I ask: "Father, whom do I need to forgive? What experience or condition do I need to forgive? A woman attended a lecture on forgiveness and mentally spoke words of forgiveness to her husband, who had deserted her more than a decade before. She had not heard from him since.

Within twenty-four hours, he telephoned her long distance, asking to see her again. A noted marriage counselor has said that a good marriage requires a lot of forgiveness. We might paraphrase that and say that a good life requires a lot of forgiveness. A disgruntled businesswoman attended a lecture on forgiveness, and at the close she said: "I feel great. I have just forgiven everyone I know. A few weeks later the woman returned and said: "I have been practicing forgiveness and I feel terrible.

I just didn't know I hated so many people! How to Get Others to Forgive You Along with declaring that you forgive other people, declare that they also forgive you, because subconsciously they want to, whether they realize it or not. Everyone wants to be free of negative emotions, whether he consciously admits it or not.

Declare for others: "The Christ in you forgives and frees me. All 32 The mother emotionally released her daughter, and declared that the daughter forgave her for all ill feeling between them.