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My fourteen-year-old daughter is an avid reader of any and everything from the cornflakes' packet to Charlotte Bronte! Peyton's Flambards series Puffin. She is delighted that the set is now complete with Flambards Divided. I suspect that fans will find it a sad and frustrating book as the reality of Christina's marriage to Dick is unfolded and she eventually remarries the reckless Mark Russell. There is something woolly but satisfying about K.

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PaperBack March 17, The old ivy-covered house of Flambards has seen many changes since Christina first arrived as a young girl. With the First World War coming to an end, Christina feels the time has come to leave the past behind and make a new future for herself. Like all the others. Because no one knew. And Grace? Had she been older, she'd have been a nurse, like Dorothy, or maybe a Land Girl or a driver. She would certainly have been involved. I didn't begin with the idea of having a disabled main character — my starting point was to wonder what Flambards, the house, would be like in and who might live there.

I decided to make it a residential centre for arts, crafts, photography, etc. I did know that Grace, my main character — great-great-granddaughter of Christina in the Flambards quartet — would arrive there for the first time, just as Christina does in the first book.

Christina was an orphan, having lost both parents in a shipwreck, and I wanted Grace similarly to have gone through a recent, life-changing experience. So - a year before the story begins, when Grace was thirteen, she was hit by a car, as a result of which her right leg has been amputated below the knee. I saw this as a way to link her to characters in the Flambards quartet who are damaged in various ways: Will breaks his leg in a riding accident and it sets badly; Fergus in Flambards Divided, a First World War pilot, sustains terrible facial disfigurement; Mark survives the war but with lasting, painful injuries.

Also, I wanted Grace to follow Christina in learning to ride but I emphatically don't want this to be seen as a pony book. For Grace, learning to ride a pony called Plum is an important step towards becoming mobile and independent. On a pony she can ride at speed and forget her disability.

While writing the book I interviewed various specialists, one of whom spoke about the London Olympics and Paralympics of and the significant rise in awareness of disabilities of various kinds. During the Games, and since, we've got used to seeing prosthetic limbs worn by high-achieving athletes. Grace in my story has always been fit and active, a runner, and losing her leg is of course a devastating blow; but by the end she has a specialised athletic limb and is able to run again.

For Grace, at first, losing a limb feels like losing herself. She has a huge adjustment to make, to her view of herself and to others. I wanted to explore her bitterness, frustration and sense of injustice, and how she reacts to others and they to her; but also I wanted her to find capability and purpose and to make new, lasting friendships alongside the bond she already has with best friend Marie-Louise.

I hope that while readers are engaged with her story, they will be Grace. A terrific book, which succeeds in capturing with great subtlety and nuance K. Newbery's teenagers feel somewhat old-fashioned, but her sensitive portrayal of grief and recovery is superlative.

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The book really is a delight through and through How did this happen? Meeting Kathy Peyton. Wildlife, the natural world