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Face Makeup: How to Contour Your Face to Perfection

In a world of Instagram selfies and Twitter followers, many of the works question why we strive for the perfect body image and social media persona. From envisioning a world without war, to the potential rise of genetic engineering technology and biohacking to design our ideal selves, and dating fully-customisable sex robots, the works immerse visitors in the multiple potential pathways our pursuit of perfection may take us in the future.

Interactive works, virtual reality games, videos, sound installations produced from DNA sequences, and more take visitors on a utopian versus dystopian rollercoaster of what it means to pursue perfection in an imperfect world. One of the interactive works, Biometric Mirror , has participants enter a futuristic beauty salon where an AI performs a psychometric facial analysis.

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But whose perfection is it? Science Gallery Melbourne is part of a global university-linked network of galleries leading the STEM-to-STEAM movement by engaging the public, particularly young adults, in cutting-edge science through art.

Digital Issues Buy a back issue. Renew my subscription Give a Gift Manage my subscription. Blog Technology 25 September Melbourne gallery investigates the science of perfection.

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An exhibition combines science, maths, robotics and art, with startling results. Harmony the robot, one of the star turns at the Melbourne exhibition.

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Explore robotics Art. Vhairi Mackintosh is a scientific educator, writer and researcher based in Melbourne who holds a PhD in earth sciences.

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