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Super Bowl 53 promises to be big this year, so why not celebrate the meeting of the Patriots and Rams at a suburban bar or restaurant? Here are some places that are hosting parties and specials Sunday, Feb. Chicago, get your shorts and sandals out. Nacional 27 W. But we also want to hear who you think deserves recognition. Leave the game day wings and the football to the pros. These local restaurants are offering takeout meals and Super Bowl specials.

Record-setting cold is freezing much of the Northern U. Restaurants in Chicago, Midwest brace for subzero temperatures Restaurants across the Midwest are shuttering in anticipation of the sub-freezing polar vortex that is forecast to send temperatures plummeting into the negative double digits in the Midwest on Wednesday. Want the scoop on Chicago's buzziest local spots? From customizable frites to literary-inspired cocktails and wood-fired pizzas with unusual names.

The biggest date night of the year is coming, and anybody who's trying to leave the house that night should do their homework. You could probably throw a box of chocolates in any direction and hit a restaurant decked out in candles and roses, but it's no guarantee of quality.

Imagine yourself as the executive pastry chef of a huge hotel. Every day is a flurry of activity. You get up at five in the morning every day. Your coworkers are the only people you ever see. With over dozens of restaurants participating there is an endless amount of food to consume from now until then!

Chicago businesses are battening down in preparation for the subzero temperatures forecast for Wednesday. Restaurants are bracing for an onslaught of delivery orders. Construction projects are grinding to a halt. And businesses large and small are sending employees home with their laptops and directions to work from home. Chicago welcomed over In , Chicago will continue to wow visitors with its world-class theater, innovative culinary and mixology adventures, state-of-the-art hotels, premiere exhibits and more. Our favorite time of year. Until February 7th, the city will be digging iintothe best Chicago food has to offer…and on a budget too!

Chicago Restaurant Week begins on January 25 and lasts until February 7. If you think eating gluten-free in Chicago is difficult, think again! With the growing number of restaurants now offering gluten-free options, your biggest issue is going to be figuring out which of them are the best gluten-free restaurants!

Pie is always a good choice. Here are 15 stellar slices to savor on National Pie Day and beyond. Not near any of these spots? How does all-you-can-eat Alaskan King Crab and prime-grade beef burgers sound? It's not some gimmick from a chain restaurant, but rather, a new concept tucked away in the basement of an oyster bar, from the folks at Lettuce Entertain You. Believe it or not, Hollywood's not just a place where movies get made and sex tapes get "leaked" -- it's also a neighborhood jam-packed with places to get your chow on.

Maybe the thought of putting on 26 layers of clothing to go outside is overwhelming. Friday, Jan. Split, a first of its kind, side-by-side nut butter and fruit jam pack, announced that it is partnering with one of the largest multi-concept restaurant groups in the U. Sure, we aspire to eat healthier. Exciting, new restaurants are popping up on a corner near you and though you have your favorite eateries, it never hurts to try something new. Introducing our top 10 spots to help you through "Dry January" with ease January is a time when we hear a lot about fresh starts and new goals.

Eating clean, cleaning out thanks Marie Kando! Chicago Restaurant Week, Jan. Here, some of our top picks. Aba Make your reservations fast, because this Fulton Market darling is a hard spot to get into on a regular week. Naoki Sushi is truly hidden gem serving a mix of classic and contemporary Japanese cuisine. You can enjoy a special Omakase or the infamous fried chicken. A generation ago, Chicago's Italian restaurants were strictly the red sauce and meatball variety but today, it's a veritable feast from every part of the boot. Say "good morning" to the Windy City with breakfast sammies that go well beyond the classic egg and cheese.

It's built on ciabatta, and the egg white is topped with pepper Jack cheese. In its first foray into packaged foods, Chicago-based restaurant group Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises is partnering with a snack startup that sells nut-butter-and-jam packs to the nutrition-conscious crowd.

The name might be a bit misleading in that there are a number of suburban restaurants on board and "week" actually means two. From steakhouses to restaurants with Instagram worthy backgrounds, there are so many places in the city to choose from. But you should fight the impulse to stay at home hidden under blankets, because there are some awesome events and dining deals coming up. Our favorite places for a meal in the neighborhood. The West Loop is like the Disney World of neighborhoods when it comes to restaurants. When it comes to resolutions, "save money" or "spend less" top many people's list.

These eateries are attracting an A-list crowd. A sommelier explains why two varieties are performing so well at his steakhouses and predicts what may be making a comeback. Enjoy the comforts of the patio all winter long at these Chicago restaurants. These spots use fire pits, tents and even heated domes to extend patio and rooftop season into winter. Stella Barra N. Many of Chicago's most celebrated restaurants are back for Chicago Restaurant Week CRW that, once again, will be dishing up unmatched dining deals to power us through the winter.

How to buy and eat the best of the season, according to chefs Despite the cold weather and seasonal gloom, winter hides a surprising abundance of produce to enjoy. Chicago diners have much to look forward to this year Chicagoans have plenty to look forward to in with plenty of upcoming restaurants representing a diverse scale. The crew from Michelin-starred Parachute are working on a mystery restaurant in Avondale. Yes, the single life can be a bit pathetic and lonely at times.

Get business done at these great restaurants in Las Vegas Whether you need to dine out to impress that new client, land a new contract or hire that new employee, Las Vegas has the right power lunch restaurant for you. Mythologically speaking, persimmons are a symbol of enlightenment.

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Bitter and acrid with ignorance at first and maturing into a mellow sweet phase of wisdom , these fruits are a metaphor for a life of learning and growing, or at least mellowing out. One variety, the Hachiya, has to be especially ripe before eating.

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Well, folks. We put all of our foodie knowledge together and came up with a straight-forward list of the absolute best restaurants around Chicago. Yes, our rubric is vague. Monday, Jan. You started with the best of intentions. This would be the year, you resolved, that you'd get enough sleep, go to the gym consistently, and eat vegetables other than French fries. This is where you should be eating. River North is a perplexing place: You love it. You hate it. The restaurants are great. The restaurants are annoying. Oh my god, these people are the worst.

Chicago has lots of steakhouses, and it seems like they just keep multiplying. The hotels, conference spaces, restaurants, cultural spaces, slated to open in Chicago for events and entertaining this year. Here are the most anticipated Chicago restaurants, corporate event venues, hotels, conference centers, and party rooms slated to open in Take your brunch game to new heights. Here are five fantastic new options that will help you level up.

Then this brunch is for you. Drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. Remember that time you went out for Happy Hour after work, and instead of heading right home, you took an Uber out to Rivers Casino? Thursday, Jan. Start your new year off right by exploring your neighborhood. These itinerary ideas pair Champagne sipping with gal-pal bonding. Suburban foodies with a sophisticated palate for new and flavorful culinary experiences will have an eclectic choice of eateries for dining out next year.

Another year of eating is over — and it was a good year. A year of patties and pates, surf and turf, luscious desserts and even a salad now and then. Restaurant operators remain stuck in a rut, dealing with the same list of recurring challenges: slow traffic, labor issues and accelerating real estate costs. In the U. Thankfully, Midwesterners have an abundant of outstanding cocktail bars where they can keep warm and spirits up. Revelers looking to ring in in style have no shortage of options this year.

Chicago flies its foodie flag proudly. And every year, dozens of exciting new restaurants are added to an already-booming culinary scene. Part of enjoying the holidays means taking time out, including from the kitchen. Hours can change, so be sure to check in with each restaurant. One year later, we are happy to report that the city is certainly not resting on its laurels — over the last 12 months, a handful of delicious new trends have emerged. Thursday, Dec. Sunday, Dec. And what better place to celebrate than Chicago? If you want to send out with a bang, here are some suburban restaurants and clubs where you can celebrate with a special meal, live music, dancing, a champagne toast and more on Monday, Dec.

The good news? Places to have a normal, a la carte meal. What used to be labeled as the ultimate date night has evolved into one of the best reasons to grab your squad and hit the town. Fine dining is also part of the party. There are very few instances when it is acceptable to wear pajamas in public.

Friday, Dec. Monday, Dec. With so much to do to get ready for the holidays, why not take one stress off your plate by taking the family out to eat for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or both! Make your reservations quickly as the holiday is right around the corner. We know. It would take a Christmas miracle to get you cooking behind the kitchen on Christmas Day. You can pay people to do this for you. These people work at places called restaurants, several of which are actually open on Christmas Day.

Where to find a celebratory Italian seafood feast For many people, Christmas Eve is a time to pause from the harried season of shopping and partying and spend time with family and friends. If time allows for a leisurely dinner, consider adopting the Southern Italian tradition of the feast of the seven fishes.

Or perhaps it's the cozy booth seating that squeezes you even closer to your dining companion. Spending the 31st with the kiddos? Not dining with any little ones? Saturday, Dec. The best openings, tasting menus, and launches across the globe. Now is the time to book yourself a merry and delicious little Christmas. Here are some of our favorite holiday-centric dining experiences from around the country.

Ugly Sweater Brunch Dec. We're counting down the ways. The menu includes an array of antipasti and traditional fare — Alaskan king crab risotto, whole roasted lobster, and Santa Barbara uni spaghetti with white truffle — with optional wine pairings. RH looks at buzzworthy food and beverage items across the country Dishes and drinks that have us doing a double-take this week include a gingerbread cookie-inspired latte, a new take on the classic St. New Year, new wine trends! Why not keep it going with brunch at one of your favorite spots in and around Chicago?

And you know what is even better than just regular brunch? Pajama brunch! For the cooking enthusiasts in your life, whether professional chefs or budding home cooks, a thoughtful present for the kitchen is always welcome. Visiting Streeterville, or just looking to better appreciate what it has to offer?

Get to know this Chicago neighborhood by browsing its most popular local businesses, from a donut shop to a steakhouse. We asked Chicago food pros to name their absolute favorite. This year, again, several chefs picked Smyth, Boka, Bad Hunter and others again as in previous years. Sweet deal For a Monday night treat, head to Di Pescara in Northbrook Court for half-price sushi and wine by the glass or the bottle from 5 to 9 p. Chow down on classic sushi rolls such as the rainbow or California rolls.

Financial Pl. Joho brings traditional preparations to Everest, serving a holiday multi-course menu. M Burger The closest possible approximation of a drive-through burger, in all the right ways. The idea of making Christmas Eve or Christmas Day dinner is a nice one.

But in practice, it can create more stress than you really need. Restaurants serving a bounty of Italian seafood for Christmas Eve and beyond. To that end, he and sommelier Richard Hanauer built a list of picks, few of them household names. Want sparkling? Where to leave the hard work to the experts this holiday A great meal without the hassle of cooking and cleaning up might be the best gift of all this holiday season.

Think fruity cocktails are limited to frozen drinks with umbrellas while sitting by the pool? No way! While fruity drinks are very popular in the summer months, we need our fruits and vegetables all year long, right? NW, Hey you…yeah, you! Can you keep a secret? When Phil Stubstad started brewing five-gallon batches his garage, he never imagined it would one day lead to a crucial turning point in his career. The holidays may come and go, but our obsession with cookies, those crunchy, crispy, chewy, and sweet wonders, will never die, because cookies tell our story.

Your childhood, your Girl Scout troop, your grandmother, your culture, all on view. The great thing about December in Chicago is that, while the weather is getting cold and grey, the rest of the city is getting warm and bright. Entertain or dine out in style this holiday season There are so many reasons to celebrate this holiday season, not the least of which is the eight magical nights that make up Hanukkah.

This holiday is full of light, family, giving thanks, and of course lots of good food. You have a banging headache. Have no idea where your car keys are. You sent a regrettable text to your ex last night and you smell a little like vomit. All you have to do is show your shopping receipt to your Tokio Pub server to receive a 25 percent discount on your food and beverage. Restrictions apply. The special runs through Dec. Reminiscent of midth century automats, customers could order at digital kiosks and pick up their freshly made food in individual cubbyholes without interacting with human beings.

Slurp on these oodles of noodles Ramen is a Japanese specialty beloved by many and mastered by few. Chewy noodles in hot broth with a layer of pork, soft-boiled egg, nori, and spices are an artful combination that can be enjoyed at just about any hour of the day it's also a great hangover cure. As jolly as December can be, it can be difficult not to get your tinsel in a tangle with all the to-do items parents have around the holiday season. Yet, Chicago is a magical place this time of year. Here are some of the top hot spots to hit on your night out, recommended by the ones who know best.

Honorees span 23 states and Washington, D.

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We spent the year looking for the best new restaurants across Chicago. Plenty of restaurants have opened in Chicago over the past year, and despite the buzz and press surrounding so many of them, a lot have been disappointing. Not the 11 listed here. But wait a minute, it can also be a super stressful and busy time.

Food trends come and go. So how can you tell which tastes are trending today? Santa kicks off the festivities with visits to the Library Bar on Sunday, December 16 and 23 from 11am-2pm. In addition to a chat with Santa, guests can enjoy decorating cookies and sipping hot chocolate. Catch some of the Christmas spirit and put in a good word with St. Nick during an upcoming Breakfast with Santa in the suburbs. Kids will delight in meeting Santa Claus, and everyone will enjoy sampling seasonal sweets.

Brunches are filling up fast, so make your reservations now. You can catch Santa all over Chicago during the holidays. He might be feeding hay to his reindeer at the Lincoln Park Zoo, sipping hot cocoa with Mrs. The apple pies of our eyes A slice of pie seems to have an uncanny way of melting away problems and Chicago's bakers have an arsenal of great ideas when it comes to the pastry.

They've all mastered the art of crust making and fill their creations with seasonal fruits and luscious creams. People appreciate a two-in-one. Case in point: reversible jackets, and the fact that Pert Plus still exists. Some grab-and-go concepts feature bars where customers can pick and choose what they want, package them up, pay, and go about their day.

The tiki renaissance continues to sweep the U. A growing number of restaurants conceal a second, discrete experience — from exclusive tasting menus and all-you-can-eat extravaganzas to karaoke bars and Champagne rooms. Double your fun at these 10 restaurants within restaurants for a true insider experience. Not near any of these chic spots? While we have always enjoyed a vibrant Middle Eastern culinary scene here, things seem to be picking up speed in recent years.

Israeli cuisine is having a moment. You know your local department store will deck the halls, but which restaurants are sure to hang their stockings by the mantle with care? You want to satisfy your Black Friday cravings, or maybe do some holiday shopping, or maybe just treat yourself a bit — you know, in the spirit of the holiday. Chicago offers one of the best dining scenes in the entire country. Whether you are visiting Chicago or just looking for a great new restaurant to try, leave it to the experts to find out where to go.

Fun fact? Chicago Ave. To each their own. But with family and tradition comes an astronomical amount of stress. OK, Las Vegas has too many options. Melman, president of Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises. How do the largest and most successful restaurant companies handle the rising cost of labor? It features an interview with R. The block of North Clark Street is becoming quite the little drinking destination. From Blackberry Blisscakes tastes as good as it sounds to porchetta sandwiches, here are the best breakfasts and brunches in Chicago that are worth the wait.

There was turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie. Looking to liven up your Thanksgiving table this year? From a traditional bird with all the trimmings, to a Cajun-inspired holiday meal and a Thanksgiving dinner in Paris, here are a few standout ways to celebrate Thanksgiving away from home. Where to find terrific tapas, pintxos, sangria, and much more Between siestas, sangria, and 10 p.

Not every Thanksgiving has to involve the headache of dinner prep and entertaining combined with screaming fights over politics and Netflix show spoilers. Save that for your anniversary - seems like things are going well so far. Las Vegas isn't just a city of sin. It's a city of celebration. As the temperatures drop to "is it really that cold?


It also has the advantage of its own stop on Washington's Metro. In recent years, the dining options have vastly improved as well. Prepare yourself for a tsunami of umami as chefs take everyday dishes to the most luxe level possible by incorporating an onslaught of fresh truffles. Smart pairings and well-trained staff are key to boosting sales Oftentimes, the back of the book is the best part of the story.

Pretty much everybody loves pie at Thanksgiving, but not everyone wants to spend the time making them. Spare yourself the schlep, the prep, the struggles, the stress and the scrubbing by picking up a pie or three at one of these sweet spots. Order by Wednesday, Nov. Thursday, Nov. Tuesday, Nov. Thanksgiving dinner is usually all about emphasizing meat and animal products. For those diners maintaining a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, this can make the holiday more of a helliday.

Thankfully, plant-focused chefs are helping out by offering up veg-centric creations that rival the classics. Food writer Steve Dolinsky set himself a mission: to methodically work his way through the pizza joints of Chicago and its suburbs to identify the best examples of the many styles on offer.

These are his picks. Food writer Steve Dolinsky tested more than a hundred different pizzas to complete his mission. Thanksgiving is supposed to be about food and family. But between all the cooking and cleaning, the family part tends to fall by the wayside. This year, leave the grocery shopping and dishwashing to someone else. There's no need to slave over your Turkey Day meal thanks to these Chicago-area restaurants. Wildfire Wildfire will serve a family-style Thanksgiving menu between 11 a.

There will also be gluten-free menu items and a Thanksgiving party platter menu for carryout. Pretty much everybody loves Thanksgiving, pretty much nobody loves doing the dishes. Spare you and your guests the schlep, the prep, the struggles, the stress, and the scrubbing by making a reservation to eat out. The meal serves eight and is available for Thanksgiving day pickup orders through Wednesday, November Sides include mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and more.

More WOW coming to Chicago! You might not dodge that testy political conversation with your uncle, but you can relieve some anxiety by eating out instead of tackling a meal for many hungry mouths. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about your holiday feast. But more often than not, the task can seem daunting. Dinner With The Parents? Date Night? Impressing Out Of Towners? We got it. Clients are like plants - except instead of watering them and placing them in direct sunlight, you need to take them to dinner sometimes.

Well, at eatsa, operators say that even if eating is now a rushed experience for many consumers, they still want it to be fun, rather than just an answer to our growling guts. Frank Rotondo would have your drink waiting for you and maybe a little advice, if you wanted it.

Rotondo spent 48 years tending bar at L. If you feel like your life is jam-packed with activities, take a break this Thanksgiving and let someone else do the cooking and clean up. Namely, a suburban restaurant. Once you make your reservation, all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy Thursday, Nov. Did we mention the mountain of dirty dishes at the end of the night? Michelin comes knocking at a Canadian film festival known for its carefully curated food and wine pairings at red-carpet dinners.

Add Osteria Via Stato to the list of restaurants serving brunch on Sundays. There are two kinds of people in this world: those who order dessert and those who don't. If you find yourself in the latter group, it's time to do a little soul-searching. Food trends may come and go — but there's nothing like a shared memory of something delicious to trigger your nostalgia. Some popular foods have stuck around longer than others. We rounded up some of the most popular food fads in the US from each year since Kick off the holiday season with some classic recipes and a few new creations.

Basic B Ingredients 1. Garnish with pumpkin spice. How the mentor, manager, and marketer has set a new standard for wine events Belinda Chang, who lives in Chicago, was in Manhattan recently to throw a party. That makes sense. But not like this one. Wake up and head out to these brunch hot spots n Chicago's favorite 'hoods Wake up and step out this weekend! So what could be better than combining that incredible food with those great views? Bartenders share their favorite autumnal six packs. The cold has set in. Thankfully, there are beers for this situation.

Salesforce, American Litho and the Cooperative Association for Special Education have taken the top spots for large, midsize and small Chicagoland workplaces, respectively, according to rankings released by Energage on behalf of the Chicago Tribune. What do you like to drink after a shift? Monday, Nov. Resident gluten-free expert Ruth Hayden will discuss the five-course gluten-free menu. The weather outside is frightful, but retractable rooftops and enclosed patios are so delightful. When the weather gets cool, many Chicagoans love to be in denial that winter is around the corner or already here.

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and feasting—not freaking out about burnt birds. Skip the hassle of time-consuming food prep by treating yourself and your loved ones to a Thanksgiving dinner to-go. Not every Thanksgiving has to involve an impromptu overnight at your packed hometown airport, a fight with your sister at the Des Plaines Oasis, or finally hitting absolute rock-bottom and making a phone call to the Food Network Turkey Hotline.

A chefs' guide to shopping for your kitchen's most essential ingredient There are few more basic yet more essential ingredients than salt. It's much more than just means of punching up a savory dish. Here's what's happening in the city this month. Lunch is a great way to experience Chicago's local flavor. Itching to get to know the newest businesses to open in Chicago? From a locally owned bakery to a steakhouse, read on for a list of the newest hot spots to arrive around town. Stop by N. Count us among the first group. The 7 best restaurants that opened their doors this month To keep tabs on every Chicago restaurant and bar opening is folly.

Gone are the days where those who choose not to eat meat are relegated to mediocre sides and salads — OpenTable's list of the 50 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in America highlights the most popular veg-forward restaurants, all across the country.

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Like the changing of the leaves or the need to pull your jackets out from the back of the closet, one of the surest signs that fall has arrived is the return of the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. The number may be the same, but the operating atmosphere definitely was not. Generally speaking, you enjoy eating healthy things. Theoretically, you like vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and legumes. Or maybe having a couple of french fries on the side. A new group of casual Chicago restaurants emphasize healthy, local and farm-to-table cuisine.

Beatrix originated in River North in June and is known for its healthy menu specials, fresh-squeezed juices and a coffee and pastry counter. In my experience, one dish that goes under the radar is gnocchi pronounced: no-key. River North is full of hotels, tourists, and expensive, sceney restaurants. The bar is closing. Home in bed, sleep comes easy. Come the morning sun, an unspoken invitation peaks through the curtains.

Who says you need to leave town to get away? Filling, nostalgic treats to bundle up with Something about the cooler air, the darker evenings, and the desire to pull on a scarf and block out the wind makes fall a go-to time to reach for comforting desserts.

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Is it another omakase bar? Hit these 13 bars for seasonal elixirs with pumpkin, apple, and more fall flavors As bright and juicy summer ingredients fade out of season, warm fall flavors set into Chicago bars. That means pumpkin, cinnamon, apple, and more are often mixed and muddled into a seemingly endless roster of new fall cocktails. Prepare yourself for a drink made with dry ice.

Sure, the best part about Halloween is indulging in all of the candy—but activated charcoal, dry ice, and a special tea that changes colors are a few of the secret ingredients in these ghoulish delights. Student or not, if you find yourself on the DePaul University campus when those hunger pangs hit, your only options are endless, unhealthy temptations such as pizza, burgers, and Ramen noodles. Well, no longer! Move over, pumpkin. Step aside, apple. This season's pie lineup brings some unexpected flavor combinations to the table.

The first part of this series was originally published with one set of covers starting in , and then in , they started republishing them all with a new set of covers. Everything from that point on from The Shining Badge forward was never published with the original design. The new covers do not feature a book number, but instead focus on the year the story took place.

Republished beginning in by Living Books. This series was originally called Jim Reno Westerns Series , and when the first four books were republished in , they renamed the books and the series. Co-written with Bobby Funderburk. This set was originally called the American Odyssey Series. Each book has been renamed for a new publication beginning in Series This series was co-written with his daughter, Lynn Morris Published by Bethany House: "A trailblazing woman of courage, Cheney Duvall graduates from the first American college to grant degrees to women physicians just as the Civil War ends.

Long-standing prejudices have not dissipated, however, and she must prove herself time and again--testing her dedication and the faith that compels her. Co-written with his son, Alan Morris. Published by Bethany House: "America's first frontier were the misty Appalachian Mountains and the men and women who braved their crossing needed all the faith, courage, and hope they could muster.

This series brings together all the romance, excitement, and danger of early frontier life. Co-written with J. Landon Ferguson. It has been republished with new names by Crossway Books, a division of Good News Publishers, and also modernized to fit the world instead of the 90s. Also co-written with his daughter, Lynn Morris Published by Bethany House: "Cheney Duvall is now married to Shiloh, but that doesn't mean life will get any easier.

Shiloh's past continues to come back to haunt them, and the couple finds themselves swept up in adventure and excitement as they use their medical skills to help the needy. More on this series is available under Lonestar Legacy. Co-written with Lynn Morris. More on this series is available under The Seven Sleepers. A follow up series to the Seven Sleepers Series. Jordan's Star , - published by Zondervan. The Spider Catcher , - published by Zondervan.

God's Handmaiden , - published by Zondervan. Charade , - published by Zondervan. Reproduced in Biography Resource Center. Farmington Hills, Mich. Accessed Sep 8, through online library.