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Nobody noticed except his sister, who did not hesitate a second to jump into the water to rescue her. His quick reaction saved the life of little Kali Dallis, only three years old, who.

A girl saves her little sister from drowning. His quick reaction saved the life of little Kali Dallis , only three years old, who almost died drowned in her pool. I have no idea but it was the story of year-old girl Shakila, who pictured her life, and I watched the pictures in the art therapy in a seminar.

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In her dream picture, which was about freedom, a teenage boy and girl were sitting in the open pointing to the moon, which is believed to reflect the freedom of choosing life-partner. Shakila wished no one could channel her emotions under duress.

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In the next picture, a school was on fire and two school girls were shedding bitter tears about the incident. Although the painter intended to state the story of her own life through art therapy, but her paintings unfolded the actual story of Afghan women. In spite of democratic discourse in the post-Taliban Afghanistan and approving a constitution based on democracy, Afghan women suffer in one way or another. Irrational traditions prevail in many parts of the country and women are deprived of their basic rights.

In other words, they are highly vulnerable to social, cultural and political challenges. The nascent democracy failed to alleviate their anguish or heal their bleeding wound, which was the product of three decades of war and profound influence of traditional mindsets. Constitutionally, men and women are entitled equally and the government is supposed to protect their rights and liberty regardless of their gender.

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However, the government has not done enough to empower women or protect their rights based on the Constitution. Therefore, domestic and social violence against Afghan women lingers up to now. Was the Clue Answered? Sort by Length. Loch in the Trossachs in central Scotland 7.

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Coarse-grained metamorphic rock 6. Device against which cheese can be rubbed to reduce it to shreds 6.

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